Strategies & Details

Good Strategic Planning is the First Step in Lakesideca

Getting the Details right is the Second Step

Green houses don’t just happen—they’re planned and built purposefully. It begins with knowing what you want, and then knowing how to do it. Green building requires a systems approach: making sure that all of the components and systems of a house work together to provide a quality home that is comfortable, energy efficient, and healthy.

Lakesideca Strategy Generator

A compilation of action items—a checklist—organized by project type, climate, and stage of construction.

Choose Project Type:

Next you will fill in the climate and project-stage boxes: the strategy generator will return a checklist of action items to consider for your green building or remodeling project. It works great for newcomers as a to do list, or for veterans as a double-check.

Construction-detail Drawing Library

A collection of one thousand construction details organized by climate and house part (roofs, walls, foundations, etc.). Each detail can be downloaded as a PDF for printing or as a DWG to incorporate into your CAD software.

CAD Detail Sections:

In addition, each detail is accompanied by field notes on important details for materials and workmanship—a "best practice" guide to building green.

Free Cad Detail Page Preview:

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