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  • Alan B | Jul 16,2018 03:09 PM EDT
    Interesting, thanks Martin You mention on the outside, on the inside will these shades or any others make any difference? Light in itself does have some heating value but i assume most of ...
  • Dana Dorsett | Jul 16,2018 03:00 PM EDT
    You can't count the attic floor R into the total from a code compliance point of view on an R-value basis, but in zone 2A there would be no condensation issues in the attic space with R17 above ...
  • Dana Dorsett | Jul 16,2018 02:34 PM EDT
    Even at a 50F conditioned space temp it's worth insulating the crawlspace walls in your climate, preferable to insulating between the joists. (That's especially true when heating with electric ...
  • Dana Dorsett | Jul 16,2018 02:04 PM EDT
    Craig : Is replacing the attic unit with a (right-sized) heat pump something you're considering? It's not unusual for gas furnaces to be more than 3x oversized for their loads, and for air ...
  • Jon R | Jul 16,2018 01:11 PM EDT
    I would have guessed that site/topography would be a significant factor. For example: " increase of 260% in the wind load that a structure on top of the hill would experience relative to ...
  • | Jul 16,2018 12:57 PM EDT
    Yeah I would have 3 inches of polyiso on the roof deck so around ~R17 and then I have like I said about 6 inches of blown rockwool between the joists in the attic so somewhere between R16-21.0 ...
  • Malcolm Taylor | Jul 16,2018 11:29 AM EDT
    I haven't seen any additional anchor support, beyond what comes with the panels, on installations here in the earthquake prone PNW. It's probably a similarly neglected aspect of the process that ...
  • | Jul 16,2018 09:18 AM EDT
    Walta, the photo is not my building. It is of the truss and purlin system I want to use to have exposed ceiling. I currently live in a post framed house and my electric bill is usually a little ...
  • Martin Holladay | Jul 16,2018 08:41 AM EDT
    If GBA readers don't want to be held in suspense as they watch a video, the product that Richard is talking about is called Link-Seal. It is manufactured by GPT Industries. Here is a link to ...
  • Martin Holladay | Jul 16,2018 08:35 AM EDT
    I was glad to see that the PV facility on St. Eustatius was reported to have survived last season's hurricanes in good condition. (See the map below from RMI's report -- the St. Eustatius facility ...
  • Richard McGrath | Jul 16,2018 08:30 AM EDT
    The best products I've seen so far . Have not had one issue with these .
  • John Clark | Jul 16,2018 07:54 AM EDT
    account economic productivity. CO2 per GDP is probably a better representation.
  • Martin Holladay | Jul 16,2018 07:28 AM EDT
    User-7039450, You may want to read this Simpson guide: On page 18, ...
  • Martin Holladay | Jul 16,2018 07:20 AM EDT
    User-7039450, Below is an illustration that shows what F1 and F2 refer to. The illustration comes from this Simpson catalog page:
  • Martin Holladay | Jul 16,2018 07:15 AM EDT
    User-7039450, Malcolm is correct. In Canada, o.c. stands for "on centre." In the U.S., however, o.c. stands for "on center."
  • Martin Holladay | Jul 16,2018 04:29 AM EDT
    Alan, Cellular window shades (which are mentioned in the article) definitely work. They keep out a good fraction of the solar heat gain in summer and help retain heat in winter. More information ...
  • Jeff Cooper | Jul 16,2018 12:46 AM EDT
    Thank you, Malcolm. The practical argument should be persuasive--if ever needed.
  • Malcolm Taylor | Jul 16,2018 12:23 AM EDT
    O.C. is "On Centre". It tells you the spacing of the bolts. So every two feet would be 2'-0" oc. DF is Douglas Fir. SP is Spruce-Pine
  • John Haller | Jul 15,2018 11:17 PM EDT
    Thank you Walter and others. I have considered just framing out the space and directly fastening the metal siding to it. Then spray foam the inside of the metal siding like a pole barn. This ...
  • Malcolm Taylor | Jul 15,2018 10:46 PM EDT
    Andrew, That's a good idea. Generally I just fake a sudden injury.
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