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  • Ron Flax | Mar 24,2009 10:28 PM EDT
    There already are some of what I call semi-vapor barriers of unknown permeability (such as somewhere just under 60 years of interior painting (at least 5 or six colors in spots) as well as the ...
  • Martin Holladay | Mar 24,2009 01:56 PM EDT
    Here's the state-by-state breakdown of weatherization funding, courtesy of the DOE's Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy: DOE will award a total of roughly $127.3 million to Alabama, ...
  • Martin Holladay | Mar 24,2009 01:42 PM EDT
    More information on energy-efficient cooking can be found in a March 18, 2009 Boston Globe article titled, "En route to greener life? You'll need a map." The article notes, "Ulf Sonesson, ...
  • Martin Holladay | Mar 24,2009 01:24 PM EDT
    David, You can find the information you seek here: Dow Styrofoam (1 inch thickness) has ...
  • Martin Holladay | Mar 24,2009 10:54 AM EDT
    Ron, All three major types of rigid foam — expanded polystyrene (EPS), extruded polystyrene (XPS), and polyisocyanurate — have been successfully used as exterior sheathing. EPS's main ...
  • Carl Seville | Mar 24,2009 09:47 AM EDT
    Thanks for your comment. Keep an eye out for an upcoming series of articles on both these programs coming soon on this website.
  • tim eberhardt | Mar 24,2009 09:42 AM EDT
    Mark, I am curious about the wall framing. Did you consider 2 x 6 framed at 24"o.c?
  • Dennis Hauze | Mar 24,2009 09:06 AM EDT
    Typical of what is essentially a "Government" program. With ANSI Std: ICC-700-2008 available through the NAHB reseidential program, why even pursue a LEED-H rating? NAHB program encourages ...
  • Will Merryman | Mar 23,2009 09:40 PM EDT
    I leave bottom unsealed for drainage.
  • | Mar 23,2009 03:23 PM EDT
    SunDrum Solar offers combination solar thermal/PV systems that have a combined efficiency of greater than 50%. One of their units was installed on the ...
  • Michael Maines | Mar 23,2009 01:06 PM EDT
    Tobias, When faced with a limited depth as you are, I generally prefer to fill the bay with dense-pack cellulose. A properly vented roof is desireable, but when it means the difference between ...
  • John Brooks | Mar 23,2009 12:17 PM EDT
    Very nice David. I have to admit that even the "windmill" looks good.
  • Martin Holladay | Mar 23,2009 10:08 AM EDT
    Stephen, Many researchers have built combination solar collectors over the years — that is, units integrating PV with solar thermal collection. While these have some advantages — obviously, the ...
  • Michael Chandler | Mar 22,2009 09:32 PM EDT
    I take that partially back. the Dawn System is like a radiant system but it installs above the roof deck between sleepers like a radiant floor and then you can install metal roofing or solar PV ...
  • Michael Chandler | Mar 22,2009 09:16 PM EDT
    The "Main Stream Green" home built by Cherokee investment partners here in Cary NC used a system by Dawn Solar to ...
  • Steve Feller | Mar 22,2009 10:39 AM EDT
    Great information about windows, but you should take aluminum out of the mix. Will not pass energy codes.
  • John Brooks | Mar 22,2009 07:48 AM EDT
    Dan, Try this....start a pencil line at the top of the 3/4" furring strip/drainage channel...draw a continuous line down along the drainage channel until it finds its way to the outside.(if you can)
  • Kevin Korn | Mar 21,2009 11:14 PM EDT
    Mark, I have one other question. What was the construction cost or what would be the selling price of the home not including the land? How does it compare to a similarly sized conventional house?
  • Kevin Korn | Mar 21,2009 11:12 PM EDT
    Mark, Did you consider other types of wall systems like a Larsen Truss and if you did, why did you select the method you used? I like the concept of the complete envelope formed by the exterior ...
  • Daniel Morrison | Mar 21,2009 08:57 PM EDT
    Because it makes sense? Actually, there's a house up in northern CT, right near my house in fact, that ran PEX tubing under a metal roof with PV film on them. The single roof provides hot water ...
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