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  • John Brooks | Dec 19,2009 01:06 PM EST
    Which season will the occupants benefit more?
  • John Brooks | Dec 19,2009 12:30 PM EST
    Martin, Here is one for you.... Consider a well designed house (similar to Passivhaus) in a mixed climate (2400 HDD 2400 CDD) During which season will the enclosure benefit more from higher ...
  • | Dec 19,2009 10:27 AM EST
    I am using the 30# felt for roofs only and use Tyvek over wall sheathing. It was common practice for years in the midwest to use roofing felt on the walls. My parents house for instance built in ...
  • John Zito | Dec 19,2009 08:56 AM EST
    In an ideal world, either should be fine. An architect/designer who has had sucessful projects will have builders who can carry the design details through. Likewise, knowledgeable builders will ...
  • | Dec 19,2009 07:15 AM EST
    Given the glass is under constant pressure and the expansion and contraction effects of thermal as well as atmospheric pressures. I would be interested to know if they have done any long term ...
  • James Pepitone | Dec 19,2009 07:03 AM EST
    I can highly recommend Cool-Vent, by Hunter Panel, HQ in Portland ME. The 5 1/2" panel is mfg with a 3/4" plywood sheathing glued to ...
  • Martin Holladay | Dec 19,2009 06:39 AM EST
    "There is in fact an under-slab radiant barrier product available" — sorry, but there isn't. The link you provided goes to a distributor of foil-faced bubble-wrap manufactured by TVM Building ...
  • | Dec 19,2009 06:17 AM EST
    Nice quiz. Unfortunately, I did not do so well. As pertains to #19, there is in fact an under slab radiant barrier product available. Thanks.
  • Martin Holladay | Dec 19,2009 04:54 AM EST
    Doug, Regardless of your preference, this is the wording in the 2006 International Residential Code, section R703.2: "Water-resistive barrier. One layer of No 15 asphalt felt, free from holes ...
  • | Dec 18,2009 08:49 PM EST
    15# felt is quite a meager product these days, not much asphalt used. I started using 30# felt as a substitute about 10 years ago, much more tear and wind resistant.
  • | Dec 18,2009 07:08 PM EST
    Dec 18, 2009 6:57 PM EST LED glass by gsla There is another option ie. LCD glass -UMU switchable glass manufactured by NSG in Japan, it cost about USD124 psf when I ...
  • Alex Wilson | Dec 18,2009 03:34 PM EST
    It's unclear how Guardian will configure VIG. Because it requires a very-high-performance triple low-e coating (low-e3) glass, it will likely not have a very high SHGC. I think this glazing will ...
  • John Semmelhack | Dec 18,2009 03:03 PM EST
    Alex, Will Guardian offer multiple SHGC options for our varied climates?
  • | Dec 18,2009 11:46 AM EST
    Thanks Martin. Oh well, I will get the points for impervious material!
  • Carl Seville | Dec 18,2009 07:59 AM EST
    But didn't remember it. Thanks
  • John Brooks | Dec 18,2009 06:44 AM EST
    Michael, I know a Real Estate agent who probably has nore than a few words to say on this subject. I will try to nudge her into commenting here. Beth Johnson has been a force in turning things ...
  • John Brooks | Dec 18,2009 06:31 AM EST Carl, I enjoy your blogs and your sense of humor.
  • John Brooks | Dec 18,2009 06:17 AM EST
    Carl, I thought you were old enough to remember the Dan Akroyd spoof on Jimmy Carter. Every time i see a photo of Carter.. I think about the Akroyd parody. I will find a link to the video and ...
  • Martin Holladay | Dec 18,2009 04:26 AM EST
    Bill, Depending on the green building program you are trying to qualify for, crushed stone may not be eligible for a high-albedo materials credit. For more information, see
  • Martin Holladay | Dec 18,2009 04:23 AM EST
    Martha, Click the "Green Homes" tab at the top of the page to see our case studies of green homes. If you scroll down the page, ...
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