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  • tom mayrand | Jan 13,2018 12:04 PM EST
    Bi-fold door/s made using rigid foam, paint it pretty or cover in fabric or use duct tape to make hinge, fit snuggly, friction fit, in the door jamb and cut to form and lock into door handle.....
  • Jerry Liebler | Jan 13,2018 12:03 PM EST
    Calum, When I find one that I'm sure I can get I'll be glad to. Edit: Palm branded mono-block units have been obtained, and successfully deployed, through Akiexpress by a Canadian ...
  • Dana Dorsett | Jan 13,2018 11:57 AM EST
    "We only get access to "the good stuff" if it can run on the UNIQUE power,60HZ, present in the North America. " Let's see, Taiwan, Korea, and half of Japan run on 110V/60Hz power... ...
  • tom mayrand | Jan 13,2018 11:37 AM EST
    2 X 4 pvc coupling....4" dryer vent outside.....done
  • Dana Dorsett | Jan 13,2018 11:31 AM EST
    There is no need to use (more environmentally and cash expensive) closed cell foam in the joist bays. For the amount you would pay for 2" you can do the whole 7" of half-pound open cell foam, and ...
  • Reid Baldwin | Jan 13,2018 11:05 AM EST
    My understanding of the frost formation mechanism is different than what Allison describes. I understood the problem to occur as the temperature of the outgoing air drops to less than its dew ...
  • Calum Wilde | Jan 13,2018 11:02 AM EST
  • Calum Wilde | Jan 13,2018 11:01 AM EST
  • Jerry Liebler | Jan 13,2018 11:01 AM EST
    Calum, Glad you liked it. I'm hoping someone will explain why Fujitsu systems,maybe not all but certainly some, acts differently? The Fujitsu systems performs more like a fully ...
  • Calum Wilde | Jan 13,2018 11:01 AM EST
    I love this site, but the mobile integration is lacking.
  • Calum Wilde | Jan 13,2018 10:59 AM EST
    As the owner of two said systems, I'm all ears. Or eyes... You know what I mean. :)
  • | Jan 13,2018 10:54 AM EST
    Bob: no drafts up the stairs. There are no stairs from the living space, just one stairway going outside. The electric and plumbing holes are well sealed. The problem is that the first layer of ...
  • Martin Holladay | Jan 13,2018 09:58 AM EST
    More info, this time from Bulgaria: . .
  • Calum Wilde | Jan 13,2018 09:53 AM EST
    Damn, now that is interesting. Jerry, can you share a link for the split DHW heat pumps you're looking at? Or one you'd suggest for a climate zone 6a house?
  • Calum Wilde | Jan 13,2018 09:52 AM EST
    Great post. Thanks!
  • david flinn | Jan 13,2018 08:57 AM EST
    Luckily all the old trim has been removed so I have a clean plane to work with. You are indicating to me that the only way to have a true rainscreen is to shim all my windows and trim. Any ...
  • Jerry Liebler | Jan 13,2018 08:14 AM EST
    Douglas, I agree with everything Martin said. None the less the particular choices I faced had the same u factor 0.15 but SHGC of 0.21 with vt=48% or SHGC 0.46 with vt=58%. EDIT in other ...
  • Jerry Liebler | Jan 13,2018 07:36 AM EST
    Martin, Thank you for the link, the best explanation I've seen! If I were in Greece, my energy dragons would all be slain. However, I'm in the U.S. so the battle continues. How do I ...
  • Ryan O'Rourke | Jan 13,2018 07:22 AM EST
    I can't help it. Thanks!
  • Martin Holladay | Jan 13,2018 07:00 AM EST
    Walter, Your point -- "The case could be made that installing more insulation than USG’s chart is a code violation as you are not following the manufacturer's instructions" -- is an excellent ...
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