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  • | Nov 27,2010 03:58 PM EST
    This site could use more engineers and less couch potatos and amateur Gandhi wanna be's
  • | Nov 27,2010 03:55 PM EST
    try to do an iron cross on the rings and get back to me. The angled screw has a vector component that opposes downward force of gravity. A horizontal screw only has friction to oppose such.
  • Martin Holladay | Nov 27,2010 03:50 PM EST
    Robert, I apologize for my comment, which was glib and unnecessary. But I was trying to make a point: namely, that your logic is circular. You use common sense to tell the difference between ...
  • | Nov 27,2010 03:48 PM EST
    Robert... just because the world population has grown exponentially... MEANS NADA TO THE FUTURE GROWTH RATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are much smarter. Post as such.
  • | Nov 27,2010 03:40 PM EST
    typo "20th century"
  • | Nov 27,2010 03:39 PM EST
    The sky is falling... "toxic" is the new buzzkill Give me a BREAK!! LIFE LEADS TO... guess what nervous Nelly's... YUP... DEATH. (PERIOD) (END OF STORY) Please enjoy the ride ...
  • | Nov 27,2010 03:21 PM EST
    Here comes Martin Holladay, who censures people for making ad hominem arguments and starts with this sarcastic comment: "Although you are wise and all-knowing, others aren't". I've never ...
  • | Nov 27,2010 02:38 PM EST
    In a 1999 article, "Never Mind Paper Vs. Plastic Bags. How Did You Get to the Grocery Store?", Donella Meadows summarizes the suggestions of the recently-published book The Consumer's Guide to ...
  • Martin Holladay | Nov 27,2010 02:27 PM EST
    Paul, Forget caulks and coatings. You're barking up the wrong tree there. Open up your wall on the inside, and get a friend to spray the wall and the window with a garden hose. You don't have ...
  • Martin Holladay | Nov 27,2010 02:23 PM EST
    Robert, Although you are wise and all-knowing, others aren't. How is an individual to determine the difference between common prejudice and common sense? Science is one way. Perhaps you can ...
  • John Brooks | Nov 27,2010 02:02 PM EST
    Here is a link to the Document that Thorsten worked on
  • | Nov 27,2010 01:17 PM EST
    Given the amount of extra laundry generated by using re-usable diapers
    This epitomizes the unintended consequences of even "green" options and "good" ...
  • | Nov 27,2010 01:02 PM EST
    Standing seam roofing IS a waterproof membrane, and is typically installed over #30 felt. Nothing more is needed or desirable.
  • Michael Schonlau | Nov 27,2010 12:47 PM EST
    Should I use a waterproof membrane instead of building felt or both?
  • | Nov 27,2010 12:22 PM EST
    James, You continue to confuse many things. First, Jews weren't burnt at the stake - that was witches - they were burnt in ovens, which was more energy-efficient and environmentally sound. ...
  • | Nov 27,2010 12:22 PM EST
    I was afraid of that (having to open up wall). I'm sure there is a rather nice mold culture thriving there that needs to be dealt with even if the sheathing is sound. The only wall that shows ...
  • | Nov 27,2010 12:20 PM EST
    When I had a baby 30 years ago, we used cotton diapers...
    Given the amount of extra laundry generated by using re-usable diapers, it seems silly to me to consider doing ...
  • | Nov 27,2010 12:11 PM EST
    And, in a tight house, hanging wet clothes in a drying closet will probably result in moldy clothes and a moldy closet
    Good to know. I have never lived in any kind of ...
  • James Morgan | Nov 27,2010 11:54 AM EST
    "Merriam-Webster uses the phrase to refer to beliefs or propositions that most people would consider prudent and of sound judgment, without reliance on esoteric knowledge or study or research, but ...
  • | Nov 27,2010 11:53 AM EST
    Speaking of simple washing machines... The only washer I ever owned (many years ago) was a wringer washer (what happened to those?). You filled the tub manually from a spigot, added detergent ...
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