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  • Michael Maines | Mar 20,2018 10:44 AM EDT
    While not exactly unusual, a gap between the foundation and mudsill is not a good thing either. It can be hard to pour a foundation perfectly level on top, and tools available in 1976 were less ...
  • Steve Knapp CZ 3A Georgia | Mar 20,2018 10:40 AM EDT
    Bernard, This article and the sidebar links provide useful advice on this topic ( The bottom line is that air ...
  • Steve Knapp CZ 3A Georgia | Mar 20,2018 10:36 AM EDT
    Coyote10, What is your question? Where are you located?
  • Steve Knapp CZ 3A Georgia | Mar 20,2018 10:32 AM EDT
    Kasey, You can certainly do a ventilated attic, but it is still important to air seal. Moving the ducts out of the attic would also be a plus. Some homeowners run the numbers and decide to go ...
  • Kasey Doggett | Mar 20,2018 10:32 AM EDT
    I am assuming I would test attic floor with blower door. What result should I shoot for on attic floor?
  • Jon R | Mar 20,2018 10:29 AM EDT
    When it comes to air sealing (ducts or attic floor), be sure to actually test the results. Consider using blown in cellulose insulation.
  • | Mar 20,2018 10:18 AM EDT
    Hm, that is a good point. Thanks for the heads-up. This is exactly the advice I was hoping to get.
  • Michael Maines | Mar 20,2018 09:15 AM EDT
    Yes. In fact one company, Ecocor, offers it as a standard panelized product:, using I-joists instead of site-built Larson trusses. (I used to work there and ...
  • Seth Holmen | Mar 20,2018 09:06 AM EDT
    Yes, I have gone through the Manual J. My loads are about 27,500 BTU/hr. My thought process is that the wood stove will handle the majority of the heating and that the mini splits are my primary ...
  • Kasey Doggett | Mar 20,2018 08:45 AM EDT
    I never lived in this house prior to remodeling it. I do not have any windows or doors facing west. I am leaning towards not spray foaming the underside of the roof deck and instead just ...
  • Charlie Sullivan | Mar 20,2018 08:30 AM EDT
    The most recent information I have on the US phasedown schedule has a Jan 2020 deadline for insulation in refrigerators, etc., and a Jan 2021 deadline for XPS foam. There was no specific deadline ...
  • Jan Fillinger | Mar 20,2018 12:59 AM EDT
    Could we have an update on this important issue? It is 2018, several years since less damaging blowing agents were promised. Have these been adopted by the US insulation manufacturers? Are these ...
  • Steve Knapp CZ 3A Georgia | Mar 19,2018 09:23 PM EDT
    Seth, Do you have a Manual J report?
  • Mike Spooner | Mar 19,2018 07:21 PM EDT
    You're right on the money. The quotes I've gotten so far have been in the $2,500-$3,000 range. Did you have any thoughts on the quality of the installs in the portfolio I linked to?
  • Malcolm Taylor | Mar 19,2018 07:20 PM EDT
    Smokey, That profile looks like it has a lot of drying potential.
  • | Mar 19,2018 07:08 PM EDT
    Thanks Dana. I have worked with roxul before it's not bad to work with. I'll be taking my time as I'm retiring. I'll still price out the blown fiberglass and see how it compares financially to the ...
  • Jay S | Mar 19,2018 06:44 PM EDT
    Good topic. The AWG's rating is 700 circular mils per amp, which is very conservative, but the assumption is that wiring is in air and not in a bundle. The NEC has their own guidelines. AWG's ...
  • Dana Dorsett | Mar 19,2018 06:15 PM EDT
    R23 rock wool is probably cheaper than 2.2 lbs blown fiberglass, and might be comparable with 1lb blown fiberglass. R23 rock wool is as air retardent as 2.2lbs fiberglass, if fitted ...
  • Dana Dorsett | Mar 19,2018 06:02 PM EDT
    How many board feet (1" x 12" x 12") would it be for the 1" + 2" flash'n'batt, compared to 3" walls + 5" roof? At about 3000 board feet of HFO blown foam, a recent quote came in at about ...
  • Michael Maines | Mar 19,2018 05:56 PM EDT
    Yupster, that is/was my plan, figuring that we know the temperatures and RHs at which moisture will accumulate, and we can track it over time. I say "is/was" because I am having some trouble with ...
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