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  • John Clark | Jul 16,2018 07:54 AM EDT
    account economic productivity. CO2 per GDP is probably a better representation.
  • Martin Holladay | Jul 16,2018 07:28 AM EDT
    User-7039450, You may want to read this Simpson guide: On page 18, ...
  • Martin Holladay | Jul 16,2018 07:20 AM EDT
    User-7039450, Below is an illustration that shows what F1 and F2 refer to. The illustration comes from this Simpson catalog page:
  • Martin Holladay | Jul 16,2018 07:15 AM EDT
    User-7039450, Malcolm is correct. In Canada, o.c. stands for "on centre." In the U.S., however, o.c. stands for "on center."
  • Martin Holladay | Jul 16,2018 04:29 AM EDT
    Alan, Cellular window shades (which are mentioned in the article) definitely work. They keep out a good fraction of the solar heat gain in summer and help retain heat in winter. More information ...
  • Jeff Cooper | Jul 16,2018 12:46 AM EDT
    Thank you, Malcolm. The practical argument should be persuasive--if ever needed.
  • Malcolm Taylor | Jul 16,2018 12:23 AM EDT
    O.C. is "On Centre". It tells you the spacing of the bolts. So every two feet would be 2'-0" oc. DF is Douglas Fir. SP is Spruce-Pine
  • John Haller | Jul 15,2018 11:17 PM EDT
    Thank you Walter and others. I have considered just framing out the space and directly fastening the metal siding to it. Then spray foam the inside of the metal siding like a pole barn. This ...
  • Malcolm Taylor | Jul 15,2018 10:46 PM EDT
    Andrew, That's a good idea. Generally I just fake a sudden injury.
  • andrew c | Jul 15,2018 09:55 PM EDT
    @ Malcolm, re getting inspectors interested in something else: a senior engineer that I knew used something he called "bitch-deflectors". Prior to a design review, he would intentionally include ...
  • Steve Knapp CZ 3A Georgia | Jul 15,2018 09:26 PM EDT
    Craig, How old is the attic unit? What is its efficiency?
  • Jonathan Blaney | Jul 15,2018 08:22 PM EDT
    Pumped in concrete or flowable fill perhaps. Exterior drains? Were are the mechanicals/ water supply? Unless you need to condition all or some of the crawspace, I would go with drains and max ...
  • Malcolm Taylor | Jul 15,2018 06:18 PM EDT
    John, I think Walter has given you good advice.
  • Malcolm Taylor | Jul 15,2018 06:16 PM EDT
    Jeff, I agree. Stitch screws, especially with that gauge metal, are prone to backing out and don't have enough meat to hold onto keep the washer tight. I haven't any good argument to give ...
  • Walter Ahlgrim | Jul 15,2018 06:02 PM EDT
    If this project is going to travel very much I think partial board even Zip’s high quality partial board is a poor choice. Because, 1 partial board is very heavy this weight will put needles loads ...
  • | Jul 15,2018 05:10 PM EDT
    Doesn't look like anyone has posted on this in over 2 years, however I'll give it a shot. I live in Chicago (cold winters), I have 2 HVAC systems in the house, basement (sealed) and attic ...
  • Kevin Camfield | Jul 15,2018 03:31 PM EDT
    Thanks to a lot of help from Dana and others on this forum, we decided to go with a Mitsubishi zoned system using a MVZA18AA7 multi position unit downstairs and SEZKD12NA4R1 horizontal ducted unit ...
  • John Haller | Jul 15,2018 02:33 PM EDT
    As a follow-up, would you see any issues or that it would be better for me if I were to use regular zip panels with spray foam on their backside, but then put my foam strips between the studs in ...
  • Jon R | Jul 15,2018 01:42 PM EDT
    Even with a design where they are optional, I'd do the following for increased moisture safety: a) a vent channel under the metal roofing (above the foam) b) some ability to dry in both ...
  • Walter Ahlgrim | Jul 15,2018 11:02 AM EDT
    From the photos it looks like you have established your air, thermal and water barrier on the outside wall and roof. They are what they are. Given their location I see few reasonable options for ...
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