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2 Answers

MidAmerican Energy - dismantling energy efficiency program

MidAmerican is an investor owned utility owned by Berkshire Hathway/Warren Buffett serving several midwest states.

MidAmerican recently filed its proposal for a state mandated energy efficiency program in the state of Iowa. Nice glossy brochure, but the last page reveals its proposal to reduce the budget for energy efficiency by 40%, from $116 million to $71 million.

Last night, the company's director of energy efficiency met with a local group to answer questions. I am not an expert but have read GBA for several years and highly retrofitted my own house. A few main points.

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By Erich Riesenberg | Nov 8 17
9 Answers

Blower door is 250 cfm less with Radon mitigation on vs off. Why????

Appreciate all the bright minds on here who have helped solve "mysteries" with my home. I have another problem hoping to get some ideas on. Blower door diagnostics were done both with and without my radon fan/system running. Radon fan is on home exterior with pipes running underneath 12 mil vapor barrier in conditioned and sealed crawl). We had previously experience significant humidity in crawl space while radon fan was operating. Now ( thanks to the help of everyone on here) we have corrected that problem and the crawl space now stays pretty constant.

In General questions | Asked By hotandhumid | Nov 7 17
1 Answer

Most efficient oil heat solution

Need some help regarding best solution for oil-fired heating for my situation.

Here's my situation:

Live in NJ. Been in this house for a year, and plan to stay here for a LONG time. Heat exchanger on old oil-fired furnace is cracked. Had an independent manual J done, and the heating load is 77K Btu. Current heating system is one zone for the entire house (3200 sqft). It worked well enough last year that I'd stick with one zone if that's the best way to go given my design goals below.

In Mechanicals | Asked By Matt Culik | Nov 8 17
0 Answers

Vapro Shield

Does anybody have any experience with vaproshield products. In particular Wrapshield SA and Wrapshield RS. Any thoughts on cost effectiveness of SA vs. Zip per sqft?

In Green products and materials | Asked By Tim L | Nov 7 17
6 Answers

Best Ridge Vent for a Metal Roof

For Classic Rib (exposed fastener) steel panels on a simple 4:12 gable roof with a 14" universal steel ridge cap that simply covers the ridge, what ridge vent product do you recommend to keep bugs, etc. from getting in? The following seem to be the best options I've found, but I can't find enough reviews on them to give me any guidance. (I tried to make these links, but the forum interface wouldn't accept them.) In order of lowest to highest cost (on a tight budget).

SV2 Vent Foam

Marco Industries, Flex-O-Vent Ridge Vent

In General questions | Asked By Jeff Cooper | Nov 3 17
1 Answer

insulation of floor of house build on helicoidal piers


I built a house that is supported by helicoidal piers. I need to insulate the floor and would like to know what is best practice and what it is to avoid.

Some told me to insulate the cavity with fiberglass batt that touch the underside of the floor (higher position) and secure those batts in place and then close the system with sheating. I can probably put some fiberglass batt than XPS and then sheating.

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By PIERRE LEVASSEUR | Nov 7 17
2 Answers

Anyone Familiar with Enerlux windows?

I have been scouring the net for info on fiberglass window manufacturers and I have gone to see a Marvin Integrity install, Alpen install, etc., but in all this time of looking, I had never seen the name EnerLux until today. I am not sure why, other than they look to be very small.

In Green products and materials | Asked By Kevin Spellman | Nov 6 17
0 Answers

Service cavity and other high performance dimensioning

OK... so now we're down to nuts and bolts here - drawing plans, permit set, etc.

I have never dimensioned rooms with service cavities... I'm guessing I should dimension to the service cavity, and just count it as part of the framing... any other quirks to dimensioning thick, high performance walls?

In Plans Review | Asked By Ethan T ; Climate Zone 5A ; ~6000HDD | Nov 7 17
1 Answer

Limited Concrete Masonry Unit (CMU) details

While I agree with your assessment for hot and humid climates being well suited for CMU, there aren't many details for it. Would love to see some recommended details for CMU walls

In Green building techniques | Asked By user-6948993 | Nov 7 17
4 Answers

Air barrier

I live in zone 3 central west virginia, and designed my own home,construction of which is currently under way.

In GBA Pro help | Asked By ryoung26554 | Nov 7 17
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