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5 Answers

Is sheathing necessary on a chimney chase?

I have framed a chimney chase of considerable height over my garage.

I was planning on nailing board and batten siding (1x12 Eastern White Pine with 3" battens) directly to the frame.

The structure is extremely stout, so I don't need sheathing for racking resistance; can you think of any compelling reason for me to add it?

The flashing will naturally run up behind the siding. Should I refrain from nailing through the flashing?

In General questions | Asked By Ben C. | Jul 12 18
2 Answers

Can you flash and batt with the spray foam on the inside?


In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By Fallwanderer | Jul 11 18
2 Answers

Insulating interior basement walls if exterior has waterproof membrane and rigid board

The exterior basement walls have waterproof membrane and two inch foam board installed. To insulate the interior basement walls, can i use the old school method of studs, fibreglass and poly?

In General questions | Asked By user-7114034 | Jul 11 18
7 Answers

Installing a door with exterior rigid insulation

I feel comfortable installing all my windows as "outies", ...I feel I can support and anchor them comfortable, but what about a heavy sliding glass door...wouldn't that have to set on solid framing? I plan to go 2x6 walls, with 2 layers of 1.5 rigid insulation, rain screen, and cedar siding. I have been looking at videos, finehomebuilding, this site and others and can't find the details on how to install a heavy sliding glass door with rigid foam on the outside...please help.

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By user-7005676 | Jul 10 18
6 Answers

Real "minimum" insulation value for a Phase 1 retrofit

I have a 110 year old house with no attic insulation. It does however have plaster in lath, about 75% in good condition on the rafters, joists have foil faced fiberglass already, with 1" deck boards over that. It have knee walls around 1/2 the permiter, a bonus room, semi finished over one area, and gables over 2 sections. knee walls are 4'x4' triangular and go out to the copper lined box gutters (so you can see which seams leak) and soffit assembly. I can see light where many of the separate boards of the soffit, face board and gutter assembly meet.

In Building Code Questions | Asked By Motoguy128 | Jul 11 18
5 Answers

Does applying spray foam require removing sheetrock from rafters?

We are in climate zone 3 warm-humid coastal NC and are renovating our house, including air sealing and improving the roof insulation. We have a 1.5 story house with a 14:12 pitch vented roof structure and about R-19 roof insulation in 2x8 rafters. It has knee-walls, the floor joists are open at the rafter-joist-wall intersection and we have a mini-attic insulated to ~ R-30.

Spray foam has been suggested as a way to improve the insulation and air-seal, bringing the attic and knee-wall areas inside the envelope.

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By Bennett G. | Jul 11 18
9 Answers

Value of significant insulation for a garage

Hi all,
I'm in Zone 5 (Colorado Springs, Co) and in the process of designing a carriage house (2 car garage below an apartment). General plan is to do 2x6 on 24" centers, blown in cellulose, air barrier external to sheathing, then exterior rigid insulation sufficiently thick for my climate zone.

In General questions | Asked By user-6977615 | Jul 9 18
2 Answers

Is it cost-effective to retrofit an air barrier to a kneewall that is fiberglassed?

How much does the existing fiberglass's R-value increase too with the added exterior air barrier. Does the cost of adding this air barrier pay for itself?

In Green building techniques | Asked By User-7049627 | Jul 11 18
6 Answers

Faced direction in kneewall

Hi, I'm installing the faced pink stuff in my knee wall. Which direction do I point the face? I know generally its on the heated side, however, im in NY and the crawl space gets super hot in the summer and i might be putting an AC in, so technically the knee wall would be the heated side, no? And the humidity in the house hits can hot 60 at times, averaging 50 on the first floor (which shouldn't be an issue once the a.c. is in). But then what about the winter?


In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By Champak | May 6 18
52 Answers

Odor problem in attic after spray foam applied


I am looking for any advice or suggestions with regards to a situation we are now dealing with in my home after changing our vented attic to a non-vented attic or semi-conditioned space.

In Green products and materials | Asked By Dave | Jul 11 10
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