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7 Answers

LEED-H on historic homes

Does anyone know of LEED-H being attempted on a historic home (say, built before 1940)?

If not, has anyone seen LEED-H attempted on ANY existing home?


In Green building techniques | Asked By Aaron Lubeck` | Jun 4 09
1 Answer

Is it necessary for open cell spray foam to be in contact with the sheetrock?

We are verifiers for Energy Star and have recently visited a home that installed open cell spray foam in the wall cavities. Usually, in this type of install we see them over-blowing the foam and cutting it off level with the interior face of the studs. In this case, the contractor was concerned about waste, and so was blowing the bays almost completely full, but not quite. They were achieving the R-value they needed but leaving a slight gap between the insulation and the sheetrock.
Do we/they need to be concerned about creating a convective loop in the air space behind the rock?

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By Megan Greenauer | Sep 10 09
1 Answer

I have a slab-on-grade '70s house (kit).

I would like to insulate the exterior with 2" foam and stucco. Where do I put my housewrap? Over the existing R-B&B or the 2" foam insulation? I don't want to remove the R-B&B exterior siding; it is not made of wood. I think it is Celotec. I would rather go green and use straw bales if I could.

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By Fred T. Rapp | Sep 8 09
1 Answer

Slab on grade foundations

I am building a slab on grade 24ft. X 24ft. cottage in upstate pa. I will be using a 12"X6" footer with 5 course of 8" block around the parimeter foundation. On top of that i will have a 4" slab. the frost depth is 36" I will have a interior load bearing wall running through the center of the structure.

What is the approved method of support, under that interior load bearing wall and pad?

In Green building techniques | Asked By Ron | Sep 8 09
1 Answer

I'm looking for whole-wall R-values and thermal bridging information for Faswall/Durisol block to compare against a SIPs wall.

I'm trying to make a decision about wall systems and am trying to determine which is the better system for my climate (southern Oregon).

In Green products and materials | Asked By Claire Anderson | Sep 5 09
2 Answers

Question from an editor

We're in the process of tuning up GBA. We're improving how the strategies work and how you can use them. We'd like to add a check box next to a strategy so that you can save individual strategies to My GBA as a custom checklist of green items.

In General questions | Asked By Daniel Morrison | Sep 3 09
1 Answer

I have a question regarding termite treatments.

When protecting a house from termites what is the safest treatment. I am finishing a renovation of my property and am in the process of examining termite prevention. I have owned the property for 21 years and it is 57 years old. When I originally purchased the property there was termite damage under the front door and picture window. As is common practice our mortgage carrier requested a termite treatment before they would accept the purchase of the house. The procedure involved drilling the slab and inserting chemical rods into the ground.

In Green products and materials | Asked By Edward Palma | Sep 4 09
2 Answers

Stucco over SIPs: rainscreen necessary? Installation tips?

We'd like to have a stucco finish over SIPs, but area stucco contractors seem stumped by the SIPs.

I'm wondering what's required:

vapor barrier?
rainscreen construction?

Is acrylic stucco or a lime-based stucco better?


In Green building techniques | Asked By Claire Anderson | Sep 1 09
2 Answers

Mechanicals for a well insulated house

I am looking for the most cost effective heating,ventilation,hot water strategies for a medium sized house with r-30 walls, r -60 cielings in western Ma.

Which ends up being more economical, on demand gas hot water or solar with gas backup?

How cost effective is heat recovery?

I have heard of a unit that combines boiler, hot air,ventilation,hot water in one unit, has anyone used one?

Are there books or articles I should read?

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By will goodwin | Sep 3 09
2 Answers

Temporary attic insulation

I have recently purchased a home that has minimal attic insulation (4" cellulose). I would like to add either batt or rigid foam insulation to increase the R-factor. The issue is that 3 yrs (Minnesota winters) from now I plan on adding a 2nd floor, and would at that time need to pull up the added insulation, which would be reused on the addition. There is easy access to the entire attic, and I would like to take advantage of the tax credits now. Any recommendations on which product to use, or is this a waste of my time?

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By Corey Kluever | Aug 12 09
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