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3 Answers

Can blown-in fiberglass/cellulose be too dense?

I've been through a couple of homes where the fiberglass within the wall cavities was extremely dense. Is there such a thing as too dense with blown-in fiberglass? If so, how do you measure the appropriate density in the field.
I know the R-value of fiberglass batts decrease if compacted in a cavity due to the lack of air between the fibers, and I'm wondering if the same principle applies to blown-in fiberglass and cellulose insulation?

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By Brett Moyer | Feb 13 10
11 Answers

Rigid Insulation - Cedar Sidewall


Has anyone seen a workable detail for exterior rigid insulation with white cedar shingle siding? The only option I have come across is to sheath over the rigid w/ 1/2" plywood? I'm hoping to find a more economical solution, but assuming there may not be...

In Green building techniques | Asked By Chris Harris | Feb 9 10
1 Answer

Advantages/disadvantages of various stuccos: acrylic, cement-based, and lime-based

We're contemplating stucco as the exterior finish for our SIPs home, but are confused about the pros and cons of the different options.

In Green products and materials | Asked By Claire | Feb 12 10
0 Answers

Upcoming Presentation on Light Pollution and need for Dark Sky friendly lighting


I've organized a free presentation that is coming up this Tuesday, short notice I know but if you are in Canada's national capital area you may be able to make it.

For designers the presentation will give you something to think about when planning outdoor lighting.

Here's the info...

The Unnatural Night
Light Pollution’s impact on the environment: on the health and behaviour of wildlife, and that of humans
Presented by: Robert Dick M.Eng. P. Eng., Carleton University

Artificial outdoor lighting has become a symbol of today's society.

In General questions | Asked By Andrew Henry | Feb 12 10
11 Answers

Spray foam aginst roof acts like vapor barrier

I have a new construction house in Wyoming, that we sprayed 2" foam against the roof and walls. Then in the ceiling filled up the 12" Trusses with blown-in insulation. After drywall and texture we noticed moisture against the foam, and with winter, it freezes. We have been waiting for it to dry out for 2 months.

In Green building techniques | Asked By Bill | Feb 1 10
4 Answers

Attic ... Friend or Foe?

My friend, Jim Sargent calls the Attic "the Oven"
Living in Texas "Do you really want an OVEN attached to your House?"

Also...If you look at most Building America and Passivhaus projects...the Theme seems to be
Push the Living Enclosure to the Roofline .... Eliminate the Evil Attic.

Why not treat the attic as a Friend? a separate Enclosure?

Why not provide "adjustable" ventilation for the Attic Enclosure?
mechanical or manually adjustable...(by time of day or by season)
Capable of gentle or Rapid Purge.

Maybe roofs CAN be dark colors?
Absorbing and or Emitting (to Night Sky)

In Green building techniques | Asked By John Brooks | Feb 12 10
4 Answers

Are Marvin windows worth the price?

Marvin windows architecturally look superior to other major brands. But the cost can be anywhere from 30-100% more! How does one trade off the look for cost and insulation efficiency?

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By Rocky | Feb 10 10
1 Answer

Graywater system questions

I would like to build a small cottage with a composting toilet and a graywater system for the sinks and shower.
I need plans and a contractor perhaps.
Any advice when dealing with the code officer?

In Building Code Questions | Asked By Matthew Walton | Feb 11 10
2 Answers

What do you suggest we do?

Thank you for your time.

In General questions | Asked By thelma Mears | Feb 11 10
1 Answer

The Vermont Bun Baker

Have any of you guys living in Vermont heard of the Vermont Bun Baker?

It seems like it might be a nice little unit, but I can't seem to find any reviews. The website claims 70% efficiency and EPA certification, but again, I can't seem to find anyone who's actually used one.

In Mechanicals | Asked By Lucas Durand | Feb 10 10
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