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2 Answers

Applying Polyiso foam on the outside and inside of a wall?

I am remodeling a home in southern Maine with 2x4 walls. It will have a heat recovery ventilator. I plan on putting 1 1/2'" polyiso foil faced foam on the outside with joints caulked and taped. I then planned to install R-13 betwen studs covered with 1/2" polyiso foil faced foam on the inside with drywall over that. My reasoning is in summer time this will keep any warm moist air from condensing on the back of the drywall when the house is air conditioned. Am I right or is there a better way?

In General questions | Asked By gary hatfield | Jul 18 10
5 Answers

Living wall inside a house

I am working with a project that has decided to put a living wall inside the house. The house is in a mixed hot humid climate, has the walls and roof spray-foamed, and will be providing supply-only fresh air through a duct run the the return side of the air handler. I am very concerned that the moisture levels in this house are going to be absurd and they will quickly run into some IAQ problems. They do not have any dehumidification strategy planned, aside from what will be removed by the AC in the summer.

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By Sean | Jul 14 10
1 Answer

Does my flat roof have to be vented if the annular space is completely filled with insulation?

I live in a 1880's Brooklyn brick row house with a flat roof (17 x 40). While there are two existing roof vents I was wondering if they could be removed if the flat roof's annular space is completely filled with insulation. Last fall I blew in cellulose insulation in the back portion of the house filling most of the area but not filling in around the back roof vent - I could still see some light when I looked through the cut I made in my ceiling.

In General questions | Asked By Chris Haun | Jul 15 10
1 Answer

Wall Cavity Insulation

I am adding a bathroom in a Cold zone (Rochester, NY) and will have a tiled shower that has 2 exterior 2"x4" walls. Planning to do 1.5 inch foil faced rigid polyisocyanurate sheets on the exterior of the studs and vinyl siding over that. There appears to be many opinions on how to insulate the cavities. It is a small area so some say just add more sheets of the foil faced polyiso in the cavities and foam seal them. Others say just use unfaced fiberglass batts in the cavities. The shower area will then have Hardiebacker cement board over the studs.

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By John | Jul 14 10
6 Answers

High Density Cellulose Insulation Drying Time

I've sprayed a wet mix high density cellulose in my stud bays
The weather here in the NW has been good...http://forecast.weather.gov/MapClick.php?lat=47.60431120244565&lon=-122.32589721679687&site=sew&smap=1&unit=0&lg=en&FcstType=text

How long do I need to wait before drywall?

Even then, because of the 2x6 stud bay, I'm skeptical it will be completely dry. My exterior sheathing is plywood, typar and hardi planks with 1/2 drywall interior. Will I have problems if some moisture is in the cellulose?

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By Frank | Jul 14 10
3 Answers

Stone cladding fasteners through 2" of XPS foam?

Anyone have any techniques for fastening of stone claddings through thick insulated foam sheathings (2" and greater)? Would like to keep the thermal bridging of these fasteners to a minimum.

FYI: Exterior walls framed both at 16 and 24" OC, and fully sheathed with structural OSB or Plywood. Also building in an area with heavy seismic and wind loads.

In Green building techniques | Asked By Brett Moyer | Jul 14 10
12 Answers

LEED for Homes vs NGBS comparison

I just read an article on BuildingGreen.com () about a study the AIA-Cincinnati published comparing LEED for Homes vs NGBS. The results, for the most part were consistent with findings many of us working with both programs have found over the years; however, I would like to know if this same report found that the LEED for Homes green levels are not tied down to a minimum Energy Efficiency or HERS rating.

In General questions | Asked By Armando Cobo | Jul 13 10
0 Answers

interior storms

Has anyone seen any comparisons of interior storm windows, does anyone have strong feelings about any particular brands?

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By Will Goodwin | Jul 13 10
11 Answers

Irish Magazines article on Lakesideca

The green products and materials area is not one I am too familiar with at the moment. I have never invested enough time or energy I suppose in reading about the products, or the projects completed with the techniques of a green builder. Lately, I decided to gain a basic introduction from a source, I know has worked down through the years to combine together concepts of energy conservation and green, natural materials in construction. Sometimes, the too concepts are separated from one another. It feels a bit 'either or'.

In Green products and materials | Asked By Brian O' Hanlon | Jul 10 10
7 Answers

I'm thinking of building attached townhouses in NYC (3 or 4 floors).

My foundation will probably be a matt foundation. I am trying to meet passive house standards. What is the best way to create a thermal break between the ground and the matt. I'm concerned. I would love to see some form of database of components, assemblies and appropriate products for Passivhaus construction.

In PassivHaus | Asked By Marshall | Nov 11 09
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