TimberSIL Sodium-Silicate-Preserved Wood

TimberSIL Nontoxic Pressure-Treated Wood

Credit: Timber Treatment Technologies

What makes this product green?

  • Uses agricultural waste
  • Low-emitting
  • Reduces pesticide treatments
  • Durable or low-maintenance
  • Biobased and sustainably sourced
  • Increases resilience


TimberSIL is a sodium-silicate-based preservation process for wood that relies on a micro-manufacturing technology rather than toxins to prevent infestations and decay. The patented process uses heat to change a proprietary formula from a soluble solution that is infused into the wood and turn it into a microscopic layer of amorphous glass throughout the wood, providing a permanent preservation technology with no dusting or leaching. The sodium silicate the company uses in its process is derived 100% from burning rice hulls. The resulting "glass wood" does not use toxins, is odorless and nonvolatile, is not corrosive to fasteners, does not cause excessive wear on tools, and has a natural clear color. TimberSIL decking, siding, and other exterior products carry a 40-year warranty and TimberSIL interior products can be stored for up to one year of outdoor exposure with no negative consequences. TimberSIL does not require ICC approval; local codes may vary.

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Manufacturer Information

Timber Treatment Technologies
4 Augusta Arbor Way
Greenville, SC 29605
Phone: 864-277-7007

Listed in: Preserved-Wood Decking, Preserved-Wood Framing Lumber, Wood Siding


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