Credit: Hanes Industries, Inc.

What makes this product green?

  • Reduces heating and cooling loads


Insulweb, manufactured by Hanes Industries and offered through a variety of distributors, is 100% polypropylene mesh used in the installation of blown cellulose insulationThermal insulation made from recycled newspaper or other wastepaper; often treated with borates for fire and insect protection.. It is stapled to wall studs and is transparent to allow for the inspection of the insulation as it is being installed. Hanes Industries processes sheets of Insulweb thousands of yards long and up to 120" wide and remills Insulweb into smaller rolls for distribution. Insulweb is available in many sizes.


Manufacturer Information

Hanes Industries, Inc.
405 W. B. St.
Butner, NC 27509
Fax: 919-575-6039
Toll-free: 877-453-9476

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