GE Clothes Washers

GE Clothes Washers

Credit: GE Appliances

What makes this product green?

  • Conserves water
  • Energy-conserving equipment


General Electric offers large capacity, front-loading washers that have a capacity of 4.15 ft³, MEF ratings ranging from 2.41–3.04, WF ratings of 2.55–4.0, and annual electricity use of 200 kWh. Certain features may affect overall water and energy use.

Additional Info

Product Attributes

  • Modified Energy Factor: 2.41–3.04
  • Water Factor: 2.55–4.0


  • CEE-Tier 3 - Residential Clothes Washers


Manufacturer Information

GE Appliances
9500 Williamsburg Office Plz.
General Electric Answer Center
Louisville, KY 40222
Toll-free: 800-626-2000

Listed in: Residential Laundry Appliances

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