Flotender Graywater Filtration System

Credit: Flotender

What makes this product green?

  • Conserves water


The Flotender uses a system of filters and pumps to remove particulates from graywaterWastewater from a building that does not include flush-water from toilets and (as most commonly defined) water from kitchen sinks or dishwashers. In some places, graywater can be collected and used for subsurface irrigation. and automatically deliver them via drip irrigation to plants. Flotender can be purchased with a variety of multi-stage filter systems, surge capacities (from 40 to 390 gallons), and pump sizes and can be expanded as needed to handle residential- and commercial-scale graywater irrigation. The Flotender uses a high-pressure pump that can deliver water to elevated areas, and can be plumbed into fresh water supplies for supplemental watering. Flotender also offers complete rainwater harvesting systems.


Manufacturer Information

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