Cutting Edge Grass Seed

Credit: Cutting Edge

What makes this product green?

  • Conserves water
  • Reduces stormwater pollution


Cutting Edge grass seed is a blend of non-genetically-modified Kentucky blue grass and fescue varieties that create a root system capable of growing 48 inches deep—reaching areas where water is more likely to be found in drought conditions. The company uses an organic seed coating that provides hydration and contains endophytes, a naturally occurring fungus that repels insects, and rhizomes that encourage root growth. The combination of slow growth and drought-, insect-, and disease-resistance significantly reduces maintenance, according to the company. Cutting Edge grass seed is for use in cool season and transitional zones. Note that because the company will not divulge its proprietary cultivars, Cutting Edge is not available in states that require full disclosure of grass varieties.


Manufacturer Information

Cutting Edge
3 Long Lake Way
Palm Coast, FL 32137
Toll-free: 855-887-3123

Listed in: Turf and Grasses



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