CFL Fixtures

CFL Fixtures

Credit: Technical Consumer Products, Inc.

What makes this product green?

  • Energy-conserving equipment


Technical Consumer Products (TCP) produces many types of table and floor lamps, ceiling fixtures, and outdoor and portable fixtures. TCP's electronically ballasted CFLCompact fluorescent lamp. Fluorescent lightbulb in which the tube is folded or twisted into a spiral to concentrate the light output. CFLs are typically three to four times as efficient as incandescent lightbulbs, and last eight to ten times as long. CFLs combine the efficiency of fluorescent light with the convenience of an Edison or screw-in base, and new types have been developed that better mimic the light quality of incandescents. Not all CFLs can be dimmed, and frequent on-off cycling can shorten their life. Concerns have been raised over the mercury content of CFLs, and though they have been deemed safe, proper recycling and disposal is encouraged. torchieres have a 65-watt T6 lamp configuration and 3-way light levels (30/36/65 W) in polished brass, matte black, glossy white, and brushed steel; average lamp life is 10,000 hours, and average ballast life is 50,000 hours. TCP also produces complete retrofit kits to change an existing recessed-can fixture into an energy-efficient CFL system. The replaceable lamp lasts for 10,000 hours, while the ballast lasts 50,000 hours.


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Technical Consumer Products, Inc.
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Aurora, OH 44202
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