Advance Waterborne Alkyd

Credit: Benjamin Moore & Co.

What makes this product green?

  • Low-emitting
  • Durable or low-maintenance


Benjamin Moore’s Advance is a waterborne alkyd paint that has the hardness and durability of an alkyd paint with the low emissions of a waterborne latex. Available as a primer and in satin, semi-gloss, and high-gloss formulas, these alkyds can be cleaned up with soap and water and are appropriate for high-use applications that require a scratch-resistant surface. Advance is certified to MPI’s X-Green standard, has a VOCVolatile organic compound. An organic compound that evaporates readily into the atmosphere; as defined by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, VOCs are organic compounds that volatize and then become involved in photochemical smog production. content of 44g/l, and uses Benjamin Moore’s zero-VOC colorants.

Additional Info


  • California Section 01350
  • MPI X-Green Performance Standard


Manufacturer Information

Benjamin Moore & Co.
101 Paragon Dr.
Montvale, NJ 07645
Phone: 201-573-9600
Fax: 201-573-6673
Toll-free: 855-724-6802

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