Preserved-Wood Framing Lumber

Preservative treatments extend the service life of wood and reduces demands on forests for replacement timber. Sales of lumber treated with the preservative CCA (chromated copper arsenate) are banned for consumer applications. Disposal by incineration is the most significant environmental concern associated with the billions of board feet already in use that were treated with this preservative: toxins such as arsenic may become airborne, and those that don’t get into the air end up in the ash, where they’re highly leachable. Soluble copper-based wood treatments, such as ACQ (ammoniacal copper quaternary) and copper azole, have replaced CCA as the industry standard.

Listed in: Structural Systems & Components

Products in Preserved-Wood Framing Lumber

Eco Building Products
Arch Wood Protection, Inc.
SillBor Borate-Treated Wood
Arch Wood Protection, Inc.
TimberSIL Nontoxic Pressure-Treated Wood
Timber Treatment Technologies
Wood Treatment Products, Inc.
Babb Lumber Company
Peery Bros. Lumber Company


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