Porous Pavers, Precast Concrete

Porous paving seeks to combine the load-carrying capacity we expect of paved areas with the rainwater-infiltration qualities of natural landscaping. Porous unit pavers made from concrete are of two main types: a grid of openings that can be planted with grass or filled with gravel, and solid unit pavers. The solid pavers are made of concrete with the “fines” left out so that rainwater can be absorbed more readily.

Listed in: Sitework & Landscaping

Products in Porous Pavers, Precast Concrete

Concrete Porous Pavers
Capitol Ornamental Concrete Specialties, Inc.
Soil Retention
EcoGrid Porous Pavers
Hanover Architectural Products
EP Henry ECO Pavers
EP Henry Corporation
Grasstone I
Pavestone Company
Oldcastle Architectural Product Group
Turfstone Paving Stones
R.I. Lampus Co.
UNI Eco-Stone
UNI-Group U.S.A.




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