Other Plastering

Lime plasters can have slightly lower embodied energy than portland-cement-based plasters, and they don't include petroleum-based ingredients, as acrylic plasters do. Integral natural pigments obviate the need for painting. Products listed here include natural lime plasters and wall coatings made from ingredients such as clay, sand, and cellulose. Repairing old plaster is preferable to material-intensive replacement, so some plaster repair systems are also included.

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Products in Other Plastering

Adobe and Earth Plasters
Clay Mine Adobe, Inc.
American Clay Earth Plaster
American Clay Enterprises, LLC
Armourcoat Polished Plaster
Armourcoat Surface Finishes Inc.
Big Wally's Adhesives Inc.
Mediterranean Colors, LLC
St. Astier Natural Hydraulic Lime
TransMineral USA, Inc.
Tagawa Sangyo Co., Ltd.
Tierrafino Clay Plaster
Hopper Handcrafted Specialty Finishes
Tobias Stucco Interior Wall Finish
Tobias Green Interior Wall Finishes, Inc.
Dimensions Plaster



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