Interior Paints

Occupant health and performance are the key consideration when choosing an interior paint.

First, make sure the paint has low emissions. There’s no perfect test right now for emissions from wet-applied products, so the best bet is to make sure it has both low VOC content (under 50 g/L), and has met CDPH Standard Method (California Section 01350) emissions requirements.

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Products in Interior Paints

Benjamin Moore & Co.
Anna Sova Milk Paint
Anna Sova Luxury Organics
Benjamin Moore & Co.
BioShield Paint Company
ECOS Organic Paints
Dunn-Edwards Corporation
Keim Mineral Silicate Paint
Keim Mineral Coatings of America, Inc.
Miller Zero-VOC Paints
Miller Paint Co., Inc.
Mythic Paint
Southern Diversified Products, LLC
Natura Interior Waterborne Paint
Benjamin Moore & Co.
Pure Performance
PPG Architectural Finishes
The Real Milk Paint Co.
The Real Milk Paint Co. LLC
Safecoat Interior Paints
American Formulating & Manufacturing (AFM)

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