Furniture & Furnishings

The introduction of furnishings that off-gas hazardous chemicals can undo all the care given to using “clean” building materials. Furniture and furnishings incorporate many separate products and all of the issues that go with them. As a result, they can be a significant source of IAQ problems—coming from binders in wood composites such as particleboard, from finishes used on the products, from flame retardants used in foam cushions, and from adhesives used to assemble the products.

Those items incorporating fabric, such as upholstered furniture and workstations, can also collect dirt and airborne contaminants, releasing them later.


Products in Furniture & Furnishings

Armstrong Origins Series Cabinets
Armstrong World Industries, Inc.
Reclaimed-Wood Doors
Reclaimed Lumber Products
Camira Group, Inc.
Refurbished Office Furniture
Conklin Office Furniture
Custom Furniture and Cabinets
NePalo Cabinetmakers
Danko Chairs & Benches
Peter Danko Design
Refurbished Office Furniture
Davies Office Refurbishing, Inc.
Executive Cabinetry
Felted Wool Rugs
Peace Industry
FSC-Certified Cabinetry
Young Furniture Mfg., Inc.
Global Contract Furniture
Global Total Office


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