Evaporative Air-Cooling Equipment

Evaporative coolers use far less electricity than conventional refrigerant-cycle air conditioners and they operate without the use of refrigerants, both features that make them attractive for green buildings. But their suitability is limited to drier climates, and most products use significant quantities of water. Evaporative coolers use the latent heat of evaporation to cool air in areas of low humidity. The difference between the “dry bulb” and the “wet bulb” temperature indicates how much cooling is possible (with 100% humidity, the dry- and wet-bulb temperatures are the same). Most evaporative coolers are direct systems that bring moist cool air straight into the building. Indirect systems use an air-to-air heat exchanger to provide cool air without raising indoor humidity, and direct/indirect systems are two-stage coolers that can deliver air that is cooler than the wet-bulb temperature.

Listed in: Mechanical Systems/HVAC

Products in Evaporative Air-Cooling Equipment

Aerocool Pro Series Evaporative Coolers
Phoenix Manufacturing, Inc
Coolerado Corporation
Breezair Elite EX Series
Seeley International Corporation


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