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Green Deck Guide

Decks, porches, and patios can boost the living space of a small house without the extra cost of walls, roof, and utilities

Yes, green building is about tight envelopes
, water efficiency
, and indoor air quality
. But what if you want to build a deck so that you can enjoy the morning paper with coffee, or a cold beer in the evening, how do you make a deck green?

Begin by reviewing this collection of green deck building articles, advice, insights, and opinion.

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Encyclopedia Articles

Decks and Porches

Pier Foundations

Remodel Project: Outdoor Add-Ons

Construction Details:

Deck Ledger connection at band joist

Deck Ledger with manufactured support bracket

GreenSpec Products:

FSC-Certified Wood Decking

Reclaimed-Wood Decking

Wood-Plastic Composite Lumber

Solid Plastic Decking

Preserved-Wood Decking

Wood Treatment

Green Homes Articles

A Durable Deck Ties This Home to the Landscape

Lakesideca Strategies

Use naturally rot-resistant wood outside

Choose recycled wood-plastic composite lumber for decks and railings

Consider a patio instead of a wooden deck

The deck-house connection


Patio or Deck? — Expand Your Living Space Into the Outdoors


Fine Homebuilding:

Deck Planning Center

Deck-Fastener Options


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