Making Sense of Housewraps

Posted on Dec 18 by Christina Glennon


These plastic-based barriers help to keep wind and water at bay, but only if you choose the right product and install it correctly

If you don't understand what housewrap does and how it's designed to work, you are likely doing more damage to your house than you are good. This article demystifies the functions of a housewrap, discusses the pros and cons of several brands, and answers both common and in-depth questions about these products. Sidebars discuss the growing popularity of rainscreenConstruction detail appropriate for all but the driest climates to prevent moisture entry and to extend the life of siding and sheathing materials; most commonly produced by installing thin strapping to hold the siding away from the sheathing by a quarter-inch to three-quarters of an inch. housewrap membranes and modern pneumatic cap nailers, and building scientist Paul Fisette presents an argument for the use of felt paper.

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