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Building Healthful Homes


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    Unity Homes: Pushing the Boundaries of Home Building

    A few weeks ago I spent a half day with my good friend Tedd Benson learning about his new company Unity Homes. This Walpole, New Hampshire company is on the…

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    Natural Building In Nicaragua

    [Editor’s note: Liz Johndrow is a natural builder who specializes in the use of cob, strawbale, adobe, earthbag, and earthen plasters. During the winter months, she volunteers in Nicaragua, where…

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    A Better Home Right Now

    This concept home shows how smart design, advanced building practices, and modern technologies improve livability and energy performance When many people envision the house of the future, they might think…

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    A Brick Rehab Meets LEED's Highest Standards

    Solar panels aside, you can't see the upgrades that make this downtown remodel so energy efficient When architect Richard Renner saw an old brick store for sale, he envisioned it…


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