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How to Seal Air Leaks Above Wall Plates in Attics


Attic Air Sealing Complete

1. Introduction (free) 2. Materials Overview (free) 3. Ceiling-to-Wall Connections 4. Ventilating Rafter Bays 5. Attic Kneewall 6. Sealing Ductwork 7. Soffits and Chases 8. Ceiling Electrical Boxes 9. Holes for Pipes and Wires


Thermal Bypass Checklist package (50+ details).

One Comment

  1. Mike Keesee | | #1

    good stuff. We need more of
    good stuff. We need more of this. I've seen the problems associated w/ the spray foam in the field - I can show you pictures. Curious to know what expereience people have had w/ the owens corning energy complete system and the knauf eco seal system. What's really needed is something like the eco seal system but that's available as a sealant and not part of an insulation package.

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