Green Architects' Lounge - Deep Energy Retrofits - Part 3

Posted on Jul 28 by Christopher Briley

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This is the last part of the Green Architects' Lounge three-part series on deep energy retrofits.

In this episode, Phil and I are basically wrapping up the segment. We discuss the importance of sizing your new HVAC system to the heat load of your newly renovated house (this is where that energy audit information, that we mentioned in previous episodes, is going to come in handy).

During a break Phil and I arm wrestle. Then I have the pleasure, no, the honor, of reprising a previous GBA article, contributed by Martin Holladay, where he provides us all with a simple guide to approaching a Deep Energy Retrofit, The Energy-Efficiency Pyramid. Phil extends an invitation to our fellow New England listeners to submit their DER projects to be eligible for the Bright Built Retrofit Project. He also informs us about the 1000 Home Challenge and encourages us to be a part of the movement.

As always, we wrap up the Episode with a song selection from Phil's audio library. For this episode, he's chosen Quick Canal by Atlas Sound, from their album Logos

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