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2 Answers

Basement insulation

which is healthier for me: cellulose or spray urea foam?

Asked By User-7026287 | Feb 23 18
10 Answers

Comfort Board 80 vs 110 - density worth extra cost?

For our upcoming house build using 4" of rigid mineral wool we have been quoted for both Roxul comfort board 80 and 110. Over the top of this we will install 2x4 furring and cedar siding.

The 110 has a compressive strength of 1120 PSF at 10% deflection, the 80 is only 439 PSF at 10%, using the 110 will simplify the installation of furring as it will compress less, but I don’t know that the furring installation sub would price their install any differently between the two products. (Furring install not by insulation contractor).

Asked By Chris Armstrong | Nov 16 16
6 Answers

Mitsubishi heat pump defrost mode

I just had a Mitsubishi MXZ-4C36NAHZ with a 24kbtu and 9 kbtu unit installed in my house in Vermont. When the temp drops below freezing, my indoor units blow cold air (as in really cold. Not just a fan circulating air, but COLD). This is a quote from the brochure: "and because the system fan turns on only after the target temperature is reached, it NEVER BLOWS COLD AIR."

1. First if that's true, what's happening?

Asked By Joey | Dec 22 15
10 Answers

Heat pump water heater selection

My house is all electric in southern California and I plan to replace my electric water heater with a heat pump water heater. The plumbing professionals have little to no experience with these and are basically asking me to pick the water heater and they'll install it. From the research I've done it looks like the best choices include the Stiebel Eltron Accelera 300E and the Rheem Performance Platinum 80 gal. The Rheem is currenly on sale for $1600 at HD while the best price I saw for the Accelera is $2400. I believe my utility has a $250 rebate for the Rheem.

Asked By user-7014439 | Feb 11 18
9 Answers

Relatively non-toxic concrete joint filler/sealing material that will last?

I have a failed cove joint in my below-grade level, and need to replace part of the fiber board joint material that exists between the slab and foundation wall. I need it to be a permanent type repair, as it will be difficult to get at the joint after my remodel, and I have radon present in my soil.

Does anyone know of a product that both works well (i.e may have a 20+ year life on concrete, remaining attached and flexible) and isn't highly toxic or classified as a carcinogen?

Asked By Rossn1 | Feb 8 18
2 Answers

Does laminate flooring off-gas when heated?

I have a client that was assured by the flooring supplier that the laminate floor they sold them was okay to install over heated surface. The smell is unbarable, thoughts?

Asked By Peter Pawlowski | Feb 8 18
15 Answers

Longest life with lowest maintenace combi unit for radiant heat + DHW

Hi, I'm looking to replace and upgrade an existing open-loop radiant floor heat + DHW gas water heater in a three-story ~1200sq/ft townhouse. What design direction would you recommend - Combi Tank, Combi Boiler or Combi Tank + Boiler? I would like to decide based on:
- longest life
- lowest maintenance

Here are units I am considering - let me know if there is a superior alternative:

---Combi Tank---

Asked By 360beacon | Feb 3 18
3 Answers

Source for rainscreen / rain screen in San Francisco Bay Area

I'm patching (another) rotted stucco wall, anyone know of a San Francisco Bay Area local source for rain screen products. In particular I'm looking for a small quantity of a really thin air gap product. I can spare at least 1/4" (6.35mm) due to thickness of the old siding vs. what's got to go back.

So any recommendations on a good thin product, and something I might be able to pick up this week?

Asked By Bryce Nesbitt | Feb 6 18
15 Answers

Who has a favorite heat-pump water heater?

We are now underway with our "pretty good" house here in southern Oregon and I am committed to the hybrid heat pump water heater concept for our 2100 sq ft, three generation house. With four adults and a grandchild in the house, I felt that an 80 gallon unit would be desirable. We plan to locate the HPWH in a centrally located laundry room which is just under 700 cubic feet and have plumbed a floor drain into that room for condensate or tank failure (hope NOT). I had been inclined to go with the GE GeoSpring but I have heard a rumor that GE is going to discontinue manufacture.

Asked By Alan Hart-McArthur | Oct 13 16
8 Answers

Plywood recommended for under quartz countertop?

I am helping my sister install her 3/4” quartz countertop this week. I bought 5/8” Cdx for the counter to sit on. She is complaining about the smell of the cdx and that she would like to use something without added formaldehyde because that’s what all her cabinets are .

What would you guys reccomend ? In your experience how long does it take for the smell of cdx (fir) to go away? Is cdx less toxic than other plywood boards ?

I could get some purebond plywood but they only make it 3/4” which I believe will be too thick.

Asked By Tommy87 | Jan 28 18
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