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7 Answers

Typar vs Zip

I was thinking about using the Zip R system sheathing on my house - removing old clapboards, insulating the wall from the exterior and then installing the ZIP R. I just attended a seminar with a Typar house wrap rep who basically said Zip was no good - is not surfactant resistant and not much more that felt paper glued to OSB. But of course this is coming from the Typar rep. Any thoughts on the pros and cons of each?

Asked By Michael Mohr | Sep 13 17
1 Answer

Silverboard Evaluation or Opinions?

I was watching the new Canadian show "Sarah Off the Grid" in which designer Sarah Richardson was building a new home in Creemore Ontario.. They were using an exterior insulation product called "Silverboard".

I was wondering how this product with the added "reflective lamination" may perform or compare to other rigid exterior insulations? Do you think it may trap moisture between the board and the sheathing?

Asked By Scott Wilson | Sep 20 17
6 Answers

FORCE/2 Rental Locations in NY 10956 area, I am having trouble finding a place to rent a FORCE/2 for dense packing of walls.

I put up my fabric a while ago without first checking my area for a force/2. I am getting to the point where I am thinking of buying one just to do my project, which is relatively small, I a guessing a day with the right machine. All the rental places near me that I have contacted have the force/1. I am willing to travel an I am often between Albany new have and Washington DC. Please share any know rental locations.


Asked By Gregg Mastropolo | Aug 8 17
13 Answers

Hardie vs LP vs Cedar

Looking to remove the old clapboards on our house (remove the vinyl first), reinsulate the walls and reside with either Hardie Plank, LP Smartside or Cedar. Any opinions on pros and cons of each in climate zone 4? I hope to use 1" Zip R sheathing with the Obdyke Slicker Max rainscreen.

Asked By Michael Mohr | Sep 12 17
2 Answers

SES Spray Foam, anyone? (Sucra Seal)

Anyone have experience with this foam product? Suppose to be "Green". It is rated R6.5 for their closed cell.

I received several quotes from different foam installers (different products). The installer that sprays SES (Sucra Seal) quoted me significantly lower than the rest (25% less). I was wondering if anyone has experience with this product which suppose to be the most environmentally friendly foam product out there (not sure how true this is).

Other products i was quoted on were (Icynene and Covestro)

Please advise.

Asked By eldarchik | Sep 18 17
6 Answers

Vapor barrier

I have read that with me putting two layers of 1 1/2 inch foil-faced rigid foam with staggered joints on the outside walls, I don't put a vapor barrier on the inside.

Now on my low-slope roof, I have 2x12 rafters. Starting at the top, I have:

15 lb. felt paper-
ice shield over the full roof-
1/2 inch plywood sheathing-
1 5/8 inch air space to vent-
1 inch foil-faced rigid foam, caulked at the edges-
1 1/2 inch foil-faced rigid foam, caulked, with staggered joints-
2 inch foil-faced rigid foam, caulked, with staggered joints-
5 1/2 inch Roxul insulation.

Asked By Gary Ovens | Sep 13 17
7 Answers

3M tapes


Wanted to know if anybody has used 3M Air and Vapour Barrier 3015 Tape for taping up OSB seams?

I know 3M™ All Weather Flashing Tape 8067 has been recommended on this site. My local lumber yard doesn't carry 8067 and recommended the 3015.

I couldn't find much to compare the two, they both seem to do similar things although 8067 seems to be sold more as a waterproof flashing where as the 3015 is a moisture and air barrier.

Any comments appreciated.

Zone 6 Ontario

Asked By Dave B | Sep 6 17
3 Answers

What is the current best option for "safe" interior paint?

I am currently looking for a safe paint to use in my new house. I have found that the smell of paint is one of the biggest “triggers” I have and it really affects me. There are a lot of low VOC products out there, but I know VOCs are not the only thing to worry about and there are other noxious ingredients in paint not to mention the false marketing claims.

Asked By Mrdog | Sep 3 17
7 Answers

Thoughts on Legend HyperPure pipe

I've been looking for a "greener" pex alternative that does not leach and type of chemicals/taste into the water.

After doing some research last night, I learned about the pex alternative, Hyperpure, on this GBA article:
Making The Best Pex Connections

Asked By Grey Wolf | Aug 22 17
2 Answers

Comfort Board 80 vs 110 - density worth extra cost?

For our upcoming house build using 4" of rigid mineral wool we have been quoted for both Roxul comfort board 80 and 110. Over the top of this we will install 2x4 furring and cedar siding.

The 110 has a compressive strength of 1120 PSF at 10% deflection, the 80 is only 439 PSF at 10%, using the 110 will simplify the installation of furring as it will compress less, but I don’t know that the furring installation sub would price their install any differently between the two products. (Furring install not by insulation contractor).

Asked By Chris Armstrong | Nov 16 16
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