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21 Answers

Comfortboard pricing - Triple $ per R vs foamboard??

Hi all,

Asked By Keith H | Apr 21 16
1 Answer

Intello and acoustic sealant?

Does anyone know if regular acoustic sealant (like PL Acousti-Seal) will work with Intello without damaging it or causing some sort of negative side effects? I'm finishing up my air sealing strategy which will include some Contega HF in the usual places, but I have a larger area to handle with acoustic sealant (for cost reasons) which will be in contact with the Intello.

I just want to be sure it won't hurt my premium vapor retarder.

Asked By Lance Peters | Jul 12 18
1 Answer

Not a question, just an FYI

Solar pv rebates are finally coming to Canada!

Asked By Calum Wilde | Jul 12 18
52 Answers

Odor problem in attic after spray foam applied


I am looking for any advice or suggestions with regards to a situation we are now dealing with in my home after changing our vented attic to a non-vented attic or semi-conditioned space.

Asked By Dave | Jul 11 10
8 Answers

Spray foam insulation post-install chemical smell (not rotten fish)

I've read many articles on this subject, but I wanted to ask a more specific question as my case doesn't seem to match the other's horror stories with poorly-installed Spray Foam Insulation.

Asked By Scott Roberson | Sep 10 15
9 Answers

VOCs and SVOCs: What do we know?

So a video published today discusses a topic I've been thinking about for a while. I'm going to be building our new house soon and the topic of indoor air quality and VOCs is something I've had on my mind but have yet to research fully.

In this new video, Matt Risinger and Corbett Lunsford discuss VOCs and SVOCs:

Asked By Lance Peters | Jun 29 18
1 Answer

Does anyone have any experience with Seemray Windows?


Window shopping; and thanks Martin H. for the recent article on choosing windows that gives an overview by region. Very helpful.

While looking at the various brands my husband tripped over Seemray (German parts); does anyone have any experience with them?

Thanks much as always,

Catherine T

Asked By Catherine T | Jul 5 18
3 Answers

How to fix a SIP roof?

We recently have had renovations done on our home. We have a structured insulated panel (SIP) home and the roof has always seem to be the issue. The roof originally had the roofing panels directly attached to the SIPs. We change it to have furring strips and than more plywood and than roofing materials (wrap and shingles) to allow air flow. This however has created more sweating to the inside of the house. We have moisture coming down through the ease of the roof in several rooms. Does anyone know how this can be fixed or what we should do to correct this problem?

Asked By Kc18 | Jul 2 18
15 Answers

Anyone use Dennyfoil to block fumes from a renovation?

A Contractor is renovating two walls in my apartment near the windows. I’m very chemically sensitive. one suggestion is to place dennyfoil on the wall to block the fumes from coming into my apartment.

Has anyone used it successfully for this purpose and have any suggestions
On how to reduce the risk of mold growing. One person suggested applying the foil tightly to the wall using tape. To not use the air conditioning. And to consider getting a dehumidifier when it’s humid in my apartment.

She also recommended I consult with a building science expert. Any advice or feedback?

Asked By Daisy63 | Jun 5 18
1 Answer

What are some great non-toxic thinset mortar products for laying porcelain floor tile?

We purchased Greenguard certified porcelain 6”x24” floor tiles for our new house, and I’m wondering what the best green products are to lay the tiles? There don’t seem to be many non-toxic options.
Thank you!!

Asked By user-7039941 | Jun 27 18
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