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2 Answers

Product thoughts

In my quest to build, I would be interested to hear any feedback or criticism around the Thermobuilt system. ( for reference. I am not affiliated. )

I don't really have a specific question. It's always nice to hear input from to professionals on this site revolving around products.

Green-does this use nasty blowing agents? The product appears to be type 1 EPS. Good product? Something worthy?

Asked By Drew Baden | Nov 20 17
10 Answers

Question on direct vent fireplaces

I am gut renovating and expanding a circa 1920 cottage. I am trying to get as close to net zero as I can. I am an architect fairly well-versed in the principles and techniques of net-zero, DER and Passivhaus my firm having designed and built two Passivhaus and 13 net zero homes, all of which have had their performance measured and verified. The point of this bragg-y credentializing is to head off the inevitable finger wagging that usually comes upon mention of the very idea of including a fireplace in a home that aspires to net zero. I get it. Not a good idea.

Asked By user-6954517 | Nov 18 17
5 Answers

Possible to use Vented attic in conjunction with Open cell spray foam?

Hello there,
I am a General Contractor in Miami, FL (Hot and humid weather!) and I may get screamed at for asking this question, but is it possible to use continuous ventilation at the soffits (vented attic) in conjunction with Open cell spray foam (sprayed to the underside of the roof sheathing)?

Asked By 5221lefty | Nov 15 17
6 Answers

ARXX ICF versus Durisol ICF in a Mixed Humid Climate?

I'm trying to evaluate the pros and cons of using ARXX ICF versus Durisol ICF in a mixed humid climate. I've used ARXX here in North Carolina and definitely like the system. I'm considering Durisol because I would like to direct-apply a stucco finish. I'm familiar with a Durisol - type system built in a cold dry climate (Innsbruck) and it seems ideal still many years later. However, i have heard concerns about moisture in the wall assembly as well as thermal bridging in the Durisol product. I'm grateful for any help...

Asked By Randall Lanou | Feb 24 11
6 Answers

Steel SIPs

I know that a steel stud dosent provide a thermal break. However this company seems to have
resolved that issue.

They put 2 steel studs opposite each other on the flat, with foam in between.
Any info on this type of SIP's would be appreciated.



Asked By Brian Whidden | Jun 8 15
1 Answer

EPDM Gasketed Joints vs Cement "Welded" PVC Joints for Flue Gases

I'm interested in warranty/service life of EPDM gasketed joints (in PVC or polypropylene) vs that of PVC cemented (chemically welded) joints. Am installing a furnace and would like to use polypropylene for the combustion air/vent pipes 'cause in many environmental impact categories the material itself is superior to PVC. Further, I guess I believe PVC bought at a big-box store by my HVAC contractor might not be designed specifically for HVAC venting.

Asked By Gordon B | Nov 8 17
0 Answers

Vapro Shield

Does anybody have any experience with vaproshield products. In particular Wrapshield SA and Wrapshield RS. Any thoughts on cost effectiveness of SA vs. Zip per sqft?

Asked By Tim L | Nov 7 17
2 Answers

Anyone Familiar with Enerlux windows?

I have been scouring the net for info on fiberglass window manufacturers and I have gone to see a Marvin Integrity install, Alpen install, etc., but in all this time of looking, I had never seen the name EnerLux until today. I am not sure why, other than they look to be very small.

Asked By Kevin Spellman | Nov 6 17
5 Answers

Rubber gym type flooring that does not off gas/ have noxious fumes

There are many sources on the internet to procure pieces, tiles or rolled lengths of recycled rubber mat flooring. This seems like a great solution of a non- slip, durable yet easy to replace, easy to clean, sound deadening, etc. floor for a laundry room / mud room, exercise room, etc. There are even blogs of people who have used this type of floor for a bathroom.

However, there are also many posts about how bad the floor smells initially. Even though it is a recycled product, the off gas smell makes me think there is something noxious/ unhealthy in it.

Asked By c l | Nov 6 17
3 Answers

Non-HFC ccSPF, R60 ceiling with skylight

Hi all,

Asked By Ethan Davis | Nov 3 17
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