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4 Answers

Is exterior wood paneling on cob possible?


My partner and I are located in France. I grew up in Maine and became found of farm houses. We are planning on building a cob house for cost efficiency; however, a few years down the line, I am curious if it is possible to add wood siding to the exterior of the cob later on? Again, I'm very found of the farm house look. Any suggestions or advice? Much appreciated. Merci beaucoup.

Asked By BP8963 | Nov 21 17
2 Answers

Twin Fresh combo in a hall?

I have been contemplating the ventilation for my project . For the second floor area I have 2 bedrooms and a bath with a hall on the side(story and a half structure, timber frame, so this needs to have separate venting than the rest of the home)
In this hall will be the ductless head for the heating and cooling of the second floor. I am wondering if I could put the Hrv in this hall and not the bedrooms? How important is it to have the ventilation in the bedrooms? The next step up would be a lunos e2 in each bedroom , however that jumps in price quite a bit...

Asked By scott mangold | Nov 23 17
16 Answers

Petrol-free home: Petrol-free housewrap

So I've got a plan that promotes petrol-free materials throughout the lion's share of the rehab of my shed, which is a lead-in project to the rehab of my house. It involves now a metal roof; Pavatex as a insulation above the roof rafters and Roxul between the rafters; Airkrete in the wall cavity; and Foamglas beneath the Rosendale Cement-based concrete slab.

Main remaining urgent challenge to get the plans to the buildings department ASAP as far as I can tell: "house wrap" "vapor barrier" situation.

Asked By Gregg Zuman | Nov 15 17
10 Answers

Ranch vs 2-Story Home

Generally speaking, if one is looking to build a 1,600 sqft home, which provides the better energy efficiency and less expensive route?

Having 2 levels of 800 sqft each seems like it would be better from an energy standpoint since there is less roof area and everything is compacted in a smaller pad. Cost wise there is less roof area to frame, insulate and install a roof on with a 2-story. There is probably some cost savings in flatwork and foundation with a 2-story since the footprint is smaller.

Asked By Peter L | Nov 16 17
4 Answers

How to insulate rim joist that doesn't breathe on the exterior side?

The home was built is 2012 we are in Zone 5b just north of Indianapolis. We are the original owners and have pics during construction phase (unfortunately they were not custom builders and would not let us help with design details. e.g. we couldn't get them to insulate exterior basement walls and below the slab with rigid foam- which is now MADDENING).We are about to finish the unfinished basement. What is the correct way to insulate a rim joist on a modern house?

Asked By user-6955054 | Nov 16 17
1 Answer

Poor Man's Thermomass

The previous conversation got off on a tangent about material costs and PWF... There was not much uptake on my "Poor Man's Thermomass" idea:

Since drawing that detail, I have thought about replacing the EPS with rockwool, and have done some research on what the backerboard could be. I understand it can't be Hardibacker or Durock. Perhaps there is another subgrade cementitous board which would be applicable?

Asked By Ethan T ; Climate Zone 5A ; ~6000HDD | Nov 15 17
2 Answers

Should I use a poly-type Membrain sheet or vapor retarder paint for ceiling?

I'm at a crossroads with how to deal with the ceiling vapor retarder in my new construction home in climate zone 5.

I'm prepping for drywall, and am wondering if I should apply Certainteed Membrain vapor barrier to the underside of the studs on the ceiling, and then just have the ceiling drywall screw attached...


Should I have the ceiling drywall glued and screwed and use vapor retarder paint instead.

I plan on blowing R60 cellulose in the attic when done, and am concerned about it's weight on the drywall.

Asked By Adam Peterson | Nov 14 17
8 Answers

Rim Joist Area

Zone 6 Mpls

Fairly versed on what needs to be done to insulate this area. In my last 1940's house the rim joist area was a cavity in which spray foam or foam board could be placed inside as it had 4-5 inches of depth. Having bought a new house around same age, I begun the beginning stages or remodeling the basement and this was on the list.

Asked By M S | Nov 3 17
1 Answer
3 Answers

Best way to insulate interior of existing above-grade block wall in SE PA?

I am renovating my southeastern PA house that was built in the 50s. The entire structure is concrete block wall with stone and stucco exterior. On the interior, there are 3/4" wood furring strips and plaster walls. The house will continue to have hot water baseboard heat, and I will be adding ductwork and whole house air conditioning.

Asked By Tim Romanowski | Nov 11 17
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