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12 Answers

Real estate appraiser doesn't care about energy efficiency

Recently had an appraisal done for a refinance loan. I have a four year-old 9 kWh solar system (provides near 100% of electricity); a one-year old top of the line Lennox Signature 98V furnace (98% efficiency, VSM, modulating burner) and a one-year old Lennox Elite 16 SEER AC.

Asked By Bic2 | Feb 23 18
1 Answer

U-factor difference between 0.2 and 0.3 on fiberglass windows

Hi everyone,

Appreciate the feedback on my Colorado fiberglass window question posted the other day. Here is the follow up question.

How much more energy efficient and comfortable will we get in Windows that have U-factors that are 0.2 rather than 0.3? All our window choices for our new build in Colorado at 7000 feet are fiberglass. Alpen windows have U values around 0.2 and the others Migard Ultra, Kolbe Forget, and Marvin Integrity are about 0.3 on average.

The Alpen are however 30 percent more dollars.

Worth the extra money?
Will we get more comfort with the better ?

Asked By User-6990904 | Feb 24 18
23 Answers

Workshop heat pump

Hi everybody! I have a quick heat pump question, and hope somebody might have some insight, experience, or opinions to share in response.

We live in Nova Scotia, Canada, a mid-temperate climate zone with average temps of -8C during our coldest months (January/February) up to 23C in July/August.

Asked By Benjamin Wooten | Jan 26 18
10 Answers

Fiberglass window choices for new build in Colorado

Hi everyone,

We are building a new home in Colorado, 7100 ft, south facing, energy efficient, single story. That is the short story. We are only considering fiberglass windows. The choices are Alpen 525, Marvin Integrity, Miguard Ultra and new to list Kolbe Forgent. In terms of energy efficiency: U, SHGC, VT the best is Alpen, made just outside of Denver, but no local vendor. The rest have local vendors for support.

Asked By LYDIA SEGAL | Feb 19 18
8 Answers

Wall, floor, and roof build layers

A little background.

Starting construction on a small house in Texas, west side of Houston,
Climate zone 2A - wet & humid
Conditioned living space is 1280 square feet
House is being built in a FLOOD WAY, Yes I said in a FLOOD WAY
We already have approval to do this, which has taken us quite some time to accomplish.

House will be elevated approximately 6' off the existing grade on concrete filled
fiberglass pipes with re-bar reinforcing inside. I have designed a steel collar, plate, &
C-channel attachment system that our engineer is comfortable with.

Asked By von Leyser | Feb 23 18
1 Answer

SIP panels

We are thinking about building are next house with SIPs walls but I have a few reservation. We are located in central NC where it seams is always humid. The house would be ~1800 sqft ranch with a simple rectangular design. Everything I have read about the panels seems great and the ability to get a air tight house with r-27 insulation quickly and easily is very attractive.They offer polyurethane with a few exterior options such as Zip and LP Smartside sheathing, the idea of having the siding already in place seems nice and would speed of the build.

Asked By Ryan Cutright | Feb 24 18
1 Answer

Purchasing electricity

Exploring utility options outside the local utility:

Where do you purchase electricity? What is the cheapest commercial/non-solar source?

Thank you.

Asked By Emerson | Feb 23 18
11 Answers

Seal and Insulate 60's Attic?

First off I apologize if this is the wrong category.

I currently have an L shaped ranch style home that was built in 1961 with a 3:12 slope hip roof with 3" overhangs. I currently have three gable vents, and no soffit venting. There is little to no insulation in the walls except on the south and west facing walls where I have opened them up over the years when doing renovations and installed R-13 fiberglass batt insulation. I would probably grade myself a II on install quality. In the attic there is blown in rockwool insulation about 6-8 inches deep.

Asked By Striker169 | Feb 22 18
7 Answers

Best practices for ERV register locations and vent hoods

My ERV plan is to use a dedicated duct system to bring supply air (fresh air) into the rooms near the ceiling. This makes sense to me so cooler air can mix with conditioned air from the mini-split. I would have the return air register about a foot up from the floor. I read that most installations have both supply and returns near the top of the walls. This would make for longer duct runs. Is this recommended?

Asked By jim sweazey | Feb 22 18
1 Answer

Will whole-house luxury vinyl tile (LVT) flooring over an encapsulated crawlspace cause issues with moisture in the subfloor?

Single-story house in mixed-humid climate in the process of being air-sealed and properly insulated. Do I need to provide for air exchange between crawlspace and living space?

Asked By Patrick Wratchford | Feb 22 18
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