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0 Answers

exterior sheathing and insulation

Hello new member here. Plan on building a home in TN, climate zone 4A. Want to make this home very efficient and comfortable. Planning on geothermal ground exchange HVAC as no natural gas is available in the area. My question is around exterior wall insulation.

Asked By cdgatti | May 21 18
7 Answers

Attic ventilation needed for a 100-year-old slate roof in a coldish climate?

Hi all,

First time owners looking at 100 year old house in NE US (climate zone 7).

Beautiful slate roof, very steep (making the attic much smaller than 1300 sq foot footprint of house).

Attic is totally not vented.

Inspector said to look into venting it to help roof last longer.

My question is, it’s lasted this long (I’m sure it’s had repairs along the way) is it safer to leave as is or look into venting?

Asked By slateandall | May 21 18
9 Answers

Water heater pad

My HPWH is going in a tall crawlspace and I want to protect the base. Since it is going in before the crawlspoace is conditioned, I was thinking about using a condenser pad, but most of those top out at less than 400 lbs or load and my water heated will weigh roughly twice that when filled.

I found the Insulfoam water heater pad, but it is not available online from what I can tell.

What alternatives are there?

Asked By Norman Bunn | May 17 18
3 Answers

Spray foam from crawlspace onto bottom of plank subfloor in Pacific NW?

Hi there - I'm in a 1955 house in Seattle, WA, over a vented, unconditioned crawlspace, with hardwood flooring on top of plank subfloor with no insulation under it.

Asked By Frasca | May 21 18
4 Answers

Debating cavity insulation

I'm starting a house build in New Brunswick (Climate Zone 6A). My planned assembly has 3" of EPS foam on the exterior (3" Silverboard XS). I've already bought the Silverboard, so there's no going back now.

To please the local code officials, I will be installing Membrain on the interior.

Asked By Chris Burpee | May 18 18
21 Answers

Heat-pump water heater in Canada?

I live in Nova Scotia in zone 6B. We're thinking of installing a heat pump hot water heater (my husband would do it himself) and not sure of how efficient it would be. We just bought the house, and the inspector told us (he used an infrared camera) that the house is well insulated. It was a Kent Home built in 1986; a split entry. We are going to have someone install a mini-split ductless heat pump in the living room upstairs. The rest of the house is heated by baseboard heaters. We pay 14.8 cents per kwh (no time of day billing).

Asked By Sarah Poulin | Jan 25 16
10 Answers

Attic insulation - R-21 and radiant barrier

Hi I know this topic has been asked a lot but I was hoping to get some info I could not really find in other posts.

Asked By msimm15 | May 15 18
9 Answers

Exterior spray foam insulation over OSB?

Getting ready to building a home and couldn't find much info on this except in commercial applications. Had a meeting with the insulation contractor (in business since 1976) and explained to him that I wanted an airtight home with good insulation, I mentioned ZIP-R with blown in cellulose or loose fill fiberglass.

Asked By Roger V. | May 13 18
7 Answers

Thermally broken

I am planning to use 2" of rigid foam to the edges of my rafters on my cathedral ceiling to get me 11" of cavity and a thermal break. I can use polyiso or EPS for the break. The polyiso will be a little higher R-value, but costs more (not a big deal since we are just doing the edges). We plan to vent the ceiling and dense pack with cellulose. Some questions come to mind:

Asked By Norman Bunn | May 13 18
10 Answers

Can I use my basement as an earthtube?

I am building a house in Zone 5, stick framing, 1.5" exterior outsulation, 2x6 walls with a full basement. As it starts warming up (finally!) I can already sense the second floor is notably warmer than the first floor. Two basement stair openings are wide open, no doors, literally exuding a cool air that lingers in the first floor, almost making it feel like the AC is on. Entering the first floor from outside there is significant temp drop.

Asked By Sal Lombardo | May 11 18
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