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This folder is set up for participants of the NAHBNational Association of Home Builders, which awards a Model Green Home Certification. Advanced Lakesideca class on building science.

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40 Answers

HRV duct set up

I am getting ready to install my HRV. I have been contemplating exhaust in the two bathrooms, three bedrooms, and kitchen area, with only one supply duct in the great room near my mini-split. 1300 square feet, one level, 3 1/2" exterior foam, 6" fiberglass batts, unvented sealed crawl space. The design person at the HRV store is said I should have supply to all bedrooms and just exhaust the bathrooms/kitchen. Climate Zone 7, so I am a little concerned about supplying all that fresh air to the bedrooms in the dead of winter.

Asked By Steve Vigoren | Sep 6 16
1 Answer

A slab repair or something bigger?

In our bathroom vanity cabinet, you can see the pipes going straight into the ground. The tile was never finished out around the pipes. Lately after it rains, our bathroom smells very musty (btw, this is on the first floor). Could this solution be simply to seal the hole or could there be another greater issue?

Asked By Brandy Mccombs | Mar 16 16
0 Answers

Acquire Some Reliable Ideas In Business Property Here

Ԝhen yօu make а good investment as considerable as industrial real estate property, үߋu mսst mɑke suгe thаt yߋu are informed cοncerning thе p

Asked By Cheryl Larkin | Dec 27 14
4 Answers

What can I expect from the NAHB classes?

New catergory without any questions - I couldn't resist. I have spent the last several years trying to learn as much as i can about green building and building science. Have taken all the prep classes on all of the different green building programs in town - Energy Star, EFL, Earthcraft, LEED-H, Healthy built homes, National Lakesideca Standard, etc. and have certified a few homes to a few of the different programs trying to get a feel for them all. Frequent all of the building science websites and subscribe to the typical home building publications.

Asked By Danny Kelly | Mar 14 10
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