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PassivHaus is a standard of construction that yields extremely tight envelopes and low energy use.

The PassivHaus Institute is in Germany, but we have a branch here in North America as well,

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15 Answers

A few air-sealing questions (at the sheathing stage).


My plywood sheathing with be my exterior air barrier and my housewrap will not be (not taping the bottom of the wrap).

I have a few questions for some tips and advice for you. The question number corresponds with the picture number

1) What is the best way to airseal my outdoor panel box here in this picture?

2) The cutout around my bathroom exhaust fan has a lot of room around it. Will it be sufficient to just tape around or should I stuff some sort of insulation in the gap first?

Asked By Tommy87 | Aug 5 17
7 Answers

Passivhaus total energy usage standard

One of the Passivhaus standards is that total energy usage including appliances cannot exceed 11.1 kwh per sq. ft. per year. If I have a 2800 square foot house, then if my total kwh usage is under 31,080 (11.1 x 2800) that is pretty good right?

Seems like that's a pretty low bar. Or am I misinterpreting?


Asked By Jimmy Nguyen | May 11 17
2 Answers

Can you have an accessory building on same plot as certified PassivHaus?

I am designing a house with the potential of having an accessory flex building in the back of the lot. In order to be passivhaus certified do both building on the plot have to meet requirements or can I just make the main house meet requirements?

Asked By Kevin804 | Aug 25 17
3 Answers

Why does GBA promote PHIUS as opposed to the Passivhaus Institut?

You say the PassivHaus Institute is in Germany. No such organization exists. The least you could do is accurately spell the name of the organization you reference. The Passivhaus Institut who coined the term "Passivhaus" and established the global "passive house" standard in or around 1990 exists in Germany. You then draw a direct comparison by falsely stating that "we have a branch here in North America called..."PHIUS." Who is "we?" What authority associated with the Passivhaus Institut gives you authority to claim that you have a branch here in North America????

Asked By Michael R Conners | Aug 20 17
3 Answers


I thought I had a GC/Framer lined up to build a 16" double stud wall but they have backed off. I found a builder willing to get <3ACH, code in NYS is 3 [email protected], but not double stud, only 2x6 and he wants to use spray foam. Being PHPP only list kBTU/(ft²yr), how do we convert that to MAX BTU/Hr?

Is this the correct conversion for average BTU/Hr?

([PHPP kBTU/(ft²yr)] * 1000 * [square ft]) / 365 days / 24 Hr = average BTU/Hr

Asked By Jeff Ziegler | Jul 19 17
8 Answers

Air sealing guide?


Are there any documents or guides out there that thoroughly going through all locations that should be air sealed?

This will be my first time trying to achieve an airtight home so I'm looking for all the resources I can get. I would love to study up.

With that being said, all the framing is done and sheathing is next. Is there any airsealing I'm not thinking of that needs to be done before sheathing?

Asked By Rocky12 | Jun 9 17
12 Answers

Wide door for workshop built to passive house standards

I am looking for an affordable wide door for a workshop that meets passive house standards.

I want to preserve as much wall space as possible.

I am looking for at least 6 to 8 feet of opening. With this being a workshop, it doesn't need to be a work of art, just functional.

I had looked at the Zola breezeway panel door. That is not available in their lower priced uPVC lines.



Asked By Andrew Sanderson | May 28 17
2 Answers

20 minute fire door for passive house?

Does anyone know of a 20 minute fire door that meets passive house standards?


Asked By Andrew Sanderson | May 29 17
17 Answers

Tiny house on wheels — building envelope (vapor-open) suggestions

Hello all,

I am in the process of building my tiny house on wheels (My home will be in Zone 3b (In between Los Angeles and San Diego) or Zone 3c), with a local builder. He is covering most of the build, but I am helping out when i can.

I have been doing loads of research on passive/breathable homes and want to make sure we do our building envelope correctly! I am extremely allergic to mold, so this is even MORE important to me than the average person.

Asked By GreyWolf92 | Apr 2 17
12 Answers

What do you wish you or the owner knew about a passive house?

Hi all!

I'm moving towards doing passive house development in Massachusetts. I've really grown to love the standard and what is required in building quality in order to create the structure.

Really for anyone, I'd love to hear your experience on educating the public and potential buyers.

Alternatively, if you have a passive house, I'd pose the same question to you. What do you wish you would have known about the house or what are your pain points now (if any)?

I'd appreciate the info, and I'm happy to chat offline about this if you prefer, just shoot me a message.

Asked By chuckac | Mar 4 17
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