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PassivHaus is a standard of construction that yields extremely tight envelopes and low energy use.

The PassivHaus Institute is in Germany, but we have a branch here in North America as well,

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14 Answers

What is the point of Passivhaus certification?

I see this come up often in cost analysis discussions, but I fail to see how certification can be anything other than a sunk cost. Unless I have a completely wrong perception of the process.

Are there direct subsidies in some places?

If certification is done after the house has been built, how can it help you build a better house?

If certification starts with designing, why would passivhaus certifiers be any better then other people who measure air leakage and calculate necessary insulation etc?

Asked By Davor Radman | May 12 18
5 Answers

Can WUFI Passive help determine if temperatures across rooms will be consistent?

Hi, I'm in zone 5b (Colorado, 7500 ft elevation).

I was wondering if anyone here had experience with WUFI passive and knew if it could tell me that one room will get hotter than another? Or any other technique that would help me figure that out. I want to make sure that the whole house heats evenly from solar gain. I'm planning on reaching passive house standards and have almost eliminated all windows on the east and west sides. Really it's just a matter of know how much glazing and thermal mass each room needs. Maybe this really isn't a concern, and if you know that, please let me know.

Asked By Mike AbiEzzi | Jan 25 18
4 Answers

Isoquick or other ideas for slab on grade insulation in SoCal?

Hi Guys,

Have a question, and this is my first rodeo.

Building a new home in SoCal, and I wanted to insulate the slab on grade. Talked to most contractors and they look at me like Im crazy...

During the winter months, concrete floor gets really cold, and besides putting on socks, I have been looking at radiant heating designs and Passivhaus designs with building a 'concrete raft' using rigid foam boards, like those from Isoquick.

Asked By m4tr1x | Mar 27 18
19 Answers

Thought experiment: 30k cistern as thermal mass in passive home

Hi, we have a mountain lot in Colorado at 7500 ft elevation with lots of south facing solar heat gain, and we're planning on building a passive home. We're required to install a 30k gallon cistern for fire protection. A 30k gallon buried cistern seems to be extremely expensive, while a 30k gallon bladder type cistern is very cheap and could be installed inside the home's envelope in a crawlspace. Assuming the passive home is well balanced for on average for a year, could the huge amount of thermal mass help moderate an even temperate, or would it become a problem?

Asked By Mike AbiEzzi | Jan 9 18
2 Answers

PH questionnaire

I am an undergraduate student in University of Patras and I'm currently working on my thesis about a retrofit PH located in Athens. I am conducting 3 questionnaires about PH. One for the PH adviser, one for the manufacturer/engineer of the PH and finally one for the users/owners of the building. What are the most representative questions someone can ask each person of the category so as to conclude about the general function of a specific PH?
Thank you :)

Asked By danaezoupa | Dec 4 17
4 Answers

How to get Passive House educated?

Hi everyone,

Asked By DHTaylor | Oct 21 17
30 Answers

Automatic control for passive solar overheating in winter?

Hi, I’m designing a passive solar house and attempting to gaining the most energy from the sun, but the more energy you try capture, the more likely overheating becomes a risk on those warmer, sunnier winter days. I was thinking it would be simple enough to have an ERV with a bypass that can exchange overheated indoor air (say 80°F) with the cooler outdoor winter air (say it’s 60°F) when the indoor temperature hits a upper limit setpoint (say 75°F) and the outdoor temperature is cooler.

Asked By Mike AbiEzzi | Oct 20 17
15 Answers

A few air-sealing questions (at the sheathing stage).


My plywood sheathing with be my exterior air barrier and my housewrap will not be (not taping the bottom of the wrap).

I have a few questions for some tips and advice for you. The question number corresponds with the picture number

1) What is the best way to airseal my outdoor panel box here in this picture?

2) The cutout around my bathroom exhaust fan has a lot of room around it. Will it be sufficient to just tape around or should I stuff some sort of insulation in the gap first?

Asked By Tommy87 | Aug 5 17
7 Answers

Passivhaus total energy usage standard

One of the Passivhaus standards is that total energy usage including appliances cannot exceed 11.1 kwh per sq. ft. per year. If I have a 2800 square foot house, then if my total kwh usage is under 31,080 (11.1 x 2800) that is pretty good right?

Seems like that's a pretty low bar. Or am I misinterpreting?


Asked By Jimmy Nguyen | May 11 17
2 Answers

Can you have an accessory building on same plot as certified PassivHaus?

I am designing a house with the potential of having an accessory flex building in the back of the lot. In order to be passivhaus certified do both building on the plot have to meet requirements or can I just make the main house meet requirements?

Asked By Kevin804 | Aug 25 17
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