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New Construction

  • Energy Solutions

    LED Lights Brighten Our Nearly Completed Home

    Our electrician was in last week installing lighting in our new home in Dummerston. Virtually all of our lighting will be LED, the state-of-the-art choice today for energy-efficient lighting. LED…

  • Energy Solutions

    Energy-Saving Features of the Serenbe Community

    In this blog last week I described some of the unique features of Serenbe, a New Urbanist community outside Atlanta, where I had the good fortune to be invited by…

  • Energy Solutions

    Serenbe: a Green Town in the Making

    I’m just back from Atlanta, where I spoke on Saturday at the new Bosch Experience Center located in the unique Serenbe Community thirty miles southwest of Atlanta. I gotta say,…

  • Energy Solutions

    Getting to Know Spider Insulation

    We’ve just completed the installation of a relatively new and (at least in New England) little-known insulation material called Spider. As a reminder, the house we are renovating (really rebuilding)…

  • Energy Solutions

    What’s Different About Unity Homes?

    In my blog last week, I provided a little background on Tedd Benson and his evolution that led him to found Unity Homes. This week, I’ll describe some of the…

  • Energy Solutions

    Unity Homes: Pushing the Boundaries of Home Building

    A few weeks ago I spent a half day with my good friend Tedd Benson learning about his new company Unity Homes. This Walpole, New Hampshire company is on the…

  • Energy Solutions

    On the Jobsite with Foamglas

    In my role with Environmental Building News and our GreenSpec Product Database, I get plenty of opportunities to research and write about innovative building products. That’s one of the really…

  • Green Basics

    Video: How to Hang Airtight Drywall (1 of 3)

    Myron Ferguson shows how drywall can make your house more energy efficient when installed with caulk, canned foam, gaskets, and airtight electrical boxes

  • Detail Library

    Flanged window as in-betweenie in a double-stud wall — sill detail

  • Lakesideca News

    A New Net-Zero Community

    Two southern Maine builders have teamed up with Kaplan Thompson Architects on a subdivision that will include as many as 26 houses built to net-zero standards. The first of the…

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