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  • Lakesideca News

    Brad Pitt’s Foundation Sues Architect

    Legal troubles engulfing Brad Pitt's Make It Right foundation in New Orleans have deepened with the foundation now suing its own architect for overseeing shoddy construction that could cost millions…

  • Guest Blogs

    Frugal Happy: Vaulting the Ceiling

    Editor’s Note: This post is one of a series by Chris Stratton and Wen Lee, a husband-and-wife team living in the Los Angeles area who are turning their 1963 suburban…

  • Lakesideca News

    CertainTeed Settles Drinking Water Complaint

    CertainTeed's vinyl siding plant in Westlake, Louisiana, will pay civil penalties of $365,500 for violating the Safe Drinking Water Act and failing to provide employees with a safe source of…

  • Guest Blogs

    Saving Sustainably: Framing the Roof

    Editor’s note: This is one in a series of blogs detailing the construction of a net-zero energy house in Point Roberts, Washington, by an owner/builder with relatively little building experience.…

  • Guest Blogs

    Designing Greener City Streets

    City streets and sidewalks in the United States have been engineered for decades to keep vehicle occupants and pedestrians safe. If streets include trees at all, they might be planted…

  • Lakesideca News

    Researchers Test a New Type of Insulation

    Researchers at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory have helped develop a type of building insulation that combines vacuum panel cores and rigid foam. The new composite boards have double the…

  • Q&A Spotlight

    Heating a New House in Nova Scotia

    In the Canadian maritime province of Nova Scotia, a GBA reader named Janet is building a new weekend home whose heating system will include both a wood stove and radiant-floor…

  • Musings of an Energy Nerd

    Is it Time to Move Away From ACH @50 Pascals?

    A residential blower door test result is usually performed at a pressure difference of 50 Pascals, and the results are reported as an airflow rate in cfm. A report might…

  • Guest Blogs

    Retrain Coal Workers for Solar

    The Trump administration has announced new pollution rules for coal-fired power plants designed to keep existing coal power plants operating more and save American coal mining jobs. Profitability for U.S.…

  • Lakesideca Blog

    Podcast: Fine Homebuilding Editors Talk With Martin Holladay

    Fine Homebuilding editors Justin Fink and Patrick McCombe recently invited GBA editor Martin Holladay to join them for their weekly podcast. The discussion ranged from heat-pump efficiency at high altitudes,…

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