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  • Q&A Spotlight

    How to Insulate a Raised Floor

    Peter Danube is planning to build a detached workshop in northern Delaware, a Climate Zone 4 locale. The 20-by-32-foot building will be constructed on concrete piers, rather than on a…

  • Musings of an Energy Nerd

    Insulating Scissors Trusses

    A scissors truss is a roof truss that creates a sloped ceiling instead of a horizontal ceiling. Unlike parallel-chord trusses — a type of truss that creates a sloped ceiling…

  • Guest Blogs

    Appliance Standards: A Powerful Job Engine

    Federal energy efficiency standards for appliances, electronics, and other equipment are known to save energy, cut utility bills, and reduce harmful pollution. But something that isn’t widely known is that…

  • Guest Blogs

    Corporate America’s Green Awakening


  • Guest Blogs

    The Built-In Weakness of ‘Footprint’ Estimates

    Experts widely agree that human activities are harming the global environment. Since the Industrial Revolution, the world economy has grown dramatically. Overall this is a success story, since rising incomes…

  • Guest Blogs

    Rural Families Overburdened with Energy Costs

    Rural families face the highest energy burdens of any household group in America and spend a much larger percentage of their income on energy bills than the average family, according…

  • Guest Blogs

    Preparing Building Pros for the Zero-Energy Boom

    The market for zero net energy (ZNE) residential and commercial buildings is growing rapidly and is poised for a significant evolutionary leap — if not a boom. Building codes are…

  • Building Science

    The Basics of HVAC Zoning

    Last year I wrote five articles in a series on duct design and ever since, I keep getting requests to continue it.  Here’s a link to the first article in…

  • Guest Blogs

    Urban Rustic: Attic Insulation

    Editor's note: This post is one of a series by Eric Whetzel about the design and construction of his house in Palatine, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago. A list of…

  • Lakesideca News

    Scaling Up a Model for Affordable Housing

    An architectural program at Auburn University that developed a model for building affordable housing is hoping to share what its students and faculty have learned on a national level in…